Rune Circuits: Psychotronics 101

Rune circuit

Psychotronics - Magic + Technology

Psychotronics have a big place in my life and my magical work. For about 30 years I have been working with psychic tech like radionics, orgone, and psionics. In that time I have developed a great many innovations, many of which will be shared here at S.I.D.E. I am excited by the prospect of putting this work out there in the world for others to use, and I intend to share my psychotronics adventures here.

Diagram of a simulated Hieronymus Machine

This here is the beginning. One of the most rudimentary, yet proven effective techniques of psychotronics. The specific experiments that informed this entry in the grimoire are drawn from journal entries around March of 1996. Young and hungry, with just enough electronics hobbyist knowledge and experience to get into some trouble.

While this is not my first experiment with psychotronics, I have decided to begin here, as this work demonstrates the elegant and flexible fusions that are possible between magic and technology. So I think it’s a good starting place for the topic as a whole.

By passing an electrical current through a magical symbol that is deeply embedded in the mind, magical effects can be produced and/or amplified/sustained. By modifying that current, using electronic components, the result can be further refined.

Runic Circuits

The Elder Futhark Runes have been a part of my magical psycho-cosm for decades. My understanding of runology is distilled from the work of Edred Thorsson (Stephen Flowers), who I have studied for many years. The runes are therefore very much a part of my psychical apparatus. This seems to be an important factor.

Kylver Stone

In this simple, yet effective example of psychotronics, a circuit board is populated with simple electronic components like diodes and LEDs. In between the components electrically conductive material is used to inscribe runes on the printed circuit board.

The circuit is put together so that it is functional. i.e. When you hook it up to a battery, the LED will light up. The electrically active circuit with the illuminated LED serves as a focus for concentration on the runes as you consider the desired outcome.

The circuit is then left to run for as long as you feel appropriate, but probably at least until the battery runs dead.

That’s it. The introduction of current, the resulting electromagnetic field, and your focused intention is enough to produce a magical effect. Sometimes absurdly strong effects at that.

Below is an example circuit with integrated runes. I tend to use copper tape to mark out the runes on the PCB and then solder the strips of tape to the circuit in a manner like the example.

Rune Circuit
Let's explain the circuit a bit.

The input is just DC 3v.

The negative lead of the battery connects to an inductor which is used for what’s called a witness well in radionics. It’s where you put a link to whoever/whatever is targeted by the circuit. In this case a link to an intended target of vampirism is placed inside the coils.

The inductor connects to our first rune Laguz, which in this example represents incoming blood essence/lifeforce from the target (Note that Laguz is facing the opposite direction from normal).

Laguz connects to our next rune Ingwaz, which is used to store up the incoming blood-essence.


Ingwaz connects to a diode. Diodes are used in circuits to prevent electricity from flowing in the wrong direction. So in this case it instructs the circuit to ensure that the energy from the target does not flow back to the target!

The diode connects to our next rune which is Laguz again, this time facing forward to symbolize the flow of blood-essence onward.


Laguz connects to our LED cathode (negative pole). And that completes the ground side of our circuit.

Starting again from the positive side of the circuit which is the positive of the battery, we go to a resistor. Resistors restrict the flow of electricity in circuits, and in this case it protects our LED.

The resistor connects to our final rune Uruz, which in this case tells the circuit to apply the incoming blood-essence to my physical body with the purpose of inspiring optimal health and strength.

The Uruz rune connects to another inductor which is again used as a witness well. This time the well contains a witness of the intended receiver of the blood-essence (ME, thank you.).

The inductor is connected to the positive lead of the LED (anode), and the circuit is complete!

A single lead antenna is connected to the lead between the inductor and the LED anode to help broadcast the signal from the circuit.

That’s it. It seems like allot of steps but it’s very simple, and the results can be spectacular.

I have used similar circuits to broadcast sigils as well, also to great effect.

To Come

In this section of the grimoire (Psychotronics), as we work our way from my entries of long ago to the present; I will build up in project complexity.

Eventually we will be discussing my present day psychotronic work with forced transubstantiation using artificial ectoplasm and laser guided particle acceleration for spirit containment.


Baby steps…

If you work with psychotronics, radionics, orgonomy, etc. please feel free to contact me about your work. I’m an open collaborator with other evil scientist types.

novang at

If you are going to experiment: Don’t electrocute yourself (I’ve done it a few times and it’s pretty low on my fun things to repeat list).



Sorcerous Intrusions

The most excellent and potent sorceries manifest in the world of horrors like a death-dealing lightning bolt out of a clear blue sky. A violent intrusion upon the reliability of the natural world (if even for the briefest of moments), that collapses the expectations of a harmonious and predictable world in all who witness.  

Exu Meia Noite

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