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I stopped doing magic to address specific situations for people a long time ago.

It always turns into some stupid situation where an ignorant ass doesn’t know how to properly marvel and show respect for a miracle in their life.  

I have however decided to open up limited participation in the following: 

The Nine Stellar Intrusions

The Demonic Blessings of Lilith Belphegor Astaroth Adremelech  Lucifuge Samyaza Abbadon  Beelzebub  Asmodeus The Lord of Darkness

A Life-Changing Ritual in Nine Parts

Every 40 days I perform an intense ritual conjuration of one of the 9 Demonic Rulers, and focus their powers to the manifest the significant, life-altering, blessings of the Demonic Ruler in the lives of a small group of people who are fortunate enough to own the access key to the ritual.

The access key is a talisman that puts the owner in direct contact with the magical effects of the ritual. 

I began this tradition in 2018 as a way to include extended family and friends in the rich blessings that sorcery brings to my life. 

Each 40 day cycle is dedicated to one of the Great Demonic Monarchs of the Infernus and the Planetary Forces that symbolize their unique powers in the cosmos. 

After one year (or 9 rituals every 40 days), participants will have received the collective benefits of these ancient and powerful intelligences, by experiencing dramatic improvements in every area of their lives. 

For those that have possessed an access key since the beginning, their lives are unrecognizable compared to when we started. 

  • Meaningful and satisfying romance, sex, and relationships.
  • Complete financial turnarounds.
  • Vibrant physical and mental health.
  • Freedom from past trauma.
  • Improved intellect and creativity.
  • Unforeseen opportunities manifesting.
  • The elimination of enemies and threats.
  • Freedom from destructive habits and cycles.
  • Renewed purpose and excitement for life.
  • Many personal, precious miracles.

I have decided to open up access to a limited number of access keys to supporters of Sorcerous Intrusions & Daemonic Excellence.

If you are interested in participating in this cycle of life-changing magic, please send your inquiries to:

Use the subject line:


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Daemonic Excellence

Foundational ideas that form the bedrock upon which this temple is built. My work exists at the numinous intersections of such incredible Daemonic pressure and unnatural disposition, that tragedy or permanence are the only possible outcomes. These pages hold some of the experiences and thoughts born of living purposefully in the nexus of those forces.

Pentagram Blue Flame


Digital Grimoire: