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Sorcery is sometimes used in the occult world to describe a specific type of magic where the practitioner uses some physical base to execute their magic. For example using an effigy like a voodoo doll.

Piping Hot Sorcery by Adam of SIDE

Personally I prefer the term sorcery to describe my magical acts and workings as a whole. So here on Sorcerous Intrusions, I will be using the term Sorcery freely to describe any and all practical magic as I see fit.

It has been my experience that my magical work is unusually diverse compared to most practitioners. I have a great many interests and I simply cannot sit still while there is so much to explore.

Furthermore at this stage of my initiation into the Mysteries, black magic isn’t something I do, it’s not a tool that I pull out when warranted.  That stage of magical endeavor long ago yielded to a more comprehensive embodiment of The Work. I live a completely magical lifestyle. Every aspect of my life is integrated with my initiation. The Powers of Darkness are present in my workshop and my work desk as much as my ritual chamber, and palpably so in both cases. It is the nature of this stage of my initiation that there can be no more separation of church and state so to speak.

The mechanics of organizing one’s life in this manner ensures that there is never a dull moment and that there are always spinning plates that need minding.

Some of the specific areas of my magical practice that will be treated on this site include:

The Angulari / Eleven Confessions

The personal system of black magic that has come into being as a result of my steps along the Left-Hand Path.

Built upon the philosophy, symbolism, psychology, metaphysiologies, and praxis that revealed themselves over time through practical experimentation with black magic, and living an antinomian existence.

My personal system of black magic that is based on many hard-won lessons, notable successes, and earth-shattering failures. The content and consequence of my work as a Black Magician and initiate of the Left-Hand Path. 

Magical Consciousness

Extensive work related to the exploration and mastery of altered states of consciousness for magical purposes. 

Original Experimentation

I have lots of ideas, theories and observations.  A true curse littered with many blessings. You will find a great deal of original exploration here.

Sexual Sorcery

Again a wide range of experiments and practical workings based on the utilization of sexual energies and actions. Especially as they pertain to the exploration of extreme sexual dynamics.

Daemonic Magic

Both traditional and highly experimental magical work with non-human intelligences.

The Mysteries of Exu Meia Noite

Midnight Exu

My ongoing relationship with the patron spirit of black magicians; the Midnight Power; Exu Hael Meia Noite. My demonic initiator and link to the mysteries of Quimbanda.

Cyprianica - The Works of the Sorcerer-Saint

Cypriano de Meia Noite

I am a dedicated Cyprianista and I enjoy a rich magical relationship with Saint Cyprian of Antioch. The patron saint of sorcerers and the Greatest of Necromancers on record.  My ongoing work with the Cyprianic Mysteries. Closely related to the Mysteries of Midnight. 


The fusion of magic and technology. A dramatic historical example of this type of black magic is the notorious Tepaphone of the FOGC lodge: an electronic device that was used to focus the destructive Will of the operator into a lethal projection that was aimed at enemies of the lodge, with the purpose of causing death. Other historical examples include the use of the heironymous machine to promote strong, healthy growth of crops.

I have gone way beyond the black box in my work. For example my tepaphones are digitally tuned, powered by blood and wireless electricity and can be focused like a laser at any target: because they use class 4 lasers as the carrier wave.

I am currently focused on the development of a complex modular system of physical transubstantiation and inverse energetic projection that I call The Reality Broker. Very interesting and technologically complex magical work.

Predatory Spirituality

My continued initiation into and practice of energetic appropriation and its related mysteries.

Magical Anthropology and Metaphysiology

Adventures with the MindStar (Michael Aquino’s term for the unified soul-psyche complex). The initiation of psychical immortality through apprehension and alignment of the emanations of being.


The exploration of nuance, the mysteries of attraction and repulsion, the application of psychical bombardments, and the ongoing quest for the best ruleset for the maneuvering of the pieces on the board.

Experimentation with established systems

A broad range of magical experiments sourced from an equally diverse range of material. Grimoire tradition, enochiana, planetary magical currents and psychocosms, Egyptian magical practice and techniques, Hermetic, Graeco-Egyptian, ancient Slavic, and much more.


Templi Omnium Hominum Pacis Abhas

Baphe-Metis: “The Initiation into Measures”


The mostly hidden path that exists between the mundane world and The Infernus. A special composition of subtle energies the orientation of which in relation to the perceptible world is a ratio of 222.5/137.5. For the seekers in the Dark, much substance will be found here.

This work is for the children of Darkness. The travelers of the Left-Hand Path who have taken the Devil’s name as a part of themselves and been magnified thereby.


As with any magical practice: individuals with a history of mental illness, uncontrolled epilepsy or psychological/psychiatric disturbances should refrain from applying any of the information or instructions outlined/detailed on Sorcerous Intrusion & Daemonic Excellence. Doing so may result in serious adverse consequences and no one involved in the production of this website will assume any responsibility for any outcomes or consequences resulting from the use or misuse of this work.

I would go so far as to extend this warning to individuals with massive character flaws, lifetime underachievers, and those whose life is marked by a feeling of powerlessness and low self-esteem. Assholes, who compensate for their lack by bullying the weak and buying large vehicles.

The Powers of Darkness are not human-hearted. The Powers of Darkness will not welcome you and in fact will make an example of you.

Black magic can be dangerous. Some of the magic explored here is very dangerous.  The information here is not for the mentally ill, the psychologically compromised, children or assholes.
You were warned.


Thank you for your time. 


Sorcerous Intrusions & Daemonic Excellence


Daemonic Excellence

Foundational ideas that form the bedrock upon which this temple is built. My work exists at the numinous intersections of such incredible Daemonic pressure and unnatural disposition, that tragedy or permanence are the only possible outcomes. These pages hold some of the experiences and thoughts born of living purposefully in the nexus of those forces.

Pentagram Blue Flame


Digital Grimoire: