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Keeper of the Terrible Secrets of the Old Guard Magistry (A very esoteric and fancy way of saying that I'm old, and we used to do things differently in my day)

Welcome to the digital grimoire of Adam Linguavenom. Sorcerous Intrusions & Daemonic Excellence. I am a sorcerer and initiate of the Left-Hand Path. My work has taken me far and magic has afforded me many opportunities not available to most. I have worked with some of the greatest practitioners in the world, I have secured the friendship of major celebrities and political figures, bedded  beautiful women, and tasted the extremes of fleshly life and beyond. That’s what sorcery can do for you. More importantly sorcery has afforded me the opportunity to dig deep into the mysteries of being, to gain intimate knowledge of my true nature, and the nature of my existence, as well as my place in the Universe.  I have learned about myself in ways that most will not. I have come out the other side more complete, less anxious, more real, and with tremendous meaning in my life.

That’s not really what this site is about though. This digital grimoire is going to chronicle the history of my magical work over the last 30+ years, as well as my day to day sorcerous endeavors at this stage of my life. 40ish, settled (mostly) and heavily focused on my initiatory journey as a black magician.

Magical Happenstance

My involvement with the Black Arts began over 30 years ago. I was young, perusing the book store, something caught my eye in an isle I didn’t normally frequent. Practical Candleburning Rituals (Shout out to my favorite Wiccan: Ray Buckland!!! Thanks Brother.). I picked it up, thumbed through the contents. They were serious. They were talking about magic. Intrigued, I slipped the book down the front of my jeans, quickly covered it with my shirt and made my way home.

...well I got one foot on the platform...

So much has transpired between then and now, and we will explore that. I am a full time Black Magician. Accordingly my life is uncommon. And heavy. And beautiful. The words here will demonstrate these facts.

I wear many hats. I fancy myself adept at most of them. But here, we are gonna talk about sorcery. Thank you for your time.


Please feel free to contact me: novang@lefthandsorcery.com


Daemonic Excellence

Foundational ideas that form the bedrock upon which this temple is built. My work exists at the numinous intersections of such incredible Daemonic pressure and unnatural disposition, that tragedy or permanence are the only possible outcomes. These pages hold some of the experiences and thoughts born of living purposefully in the nexus of those forces.

Pentagram Blue Flame


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