The Black Magical Grimoire

Seven Stars

I ask that you be patient as it will take some time getting enough entries published to represent my work in a comprehensive way. It will be noted that my initial strategy was to publish entries based on their chronological order beginning with the oldest. It has recently come to my attention that some are having a hard time understanding that these initial entries will reflect my work as far back as 1993. Consequently I will now be publishing entries from random points in time, and the period that an individual entry represents will be noted in that entry. 

It’s hard for me to publish much of the older stuff. Allot of it is very cringe-worthy by my estimation. However, when I agreed to this project, I agreed to publishing the good, bad, AND ugly.

So yes you will see that I am a fallible being. You will see that I was not always competent, knowledgeable or even comprehensible. The goal for me is to get this information out there for others to learn from and hopefully benefit from the catharsis that will accompany this process. I hope that this work is real, and visceral, and practical. I hope to communicate that to you through radical honesty.  You will find innovation and usable insight in my work especially the more recent. You will also find catastrophe, consequence, and outright embarrassment.  It’s all here. An authentic initiatory experience.  There is value here. There is caution here. There is power here. It will be up to you to assign those labels. 

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In these pages, you will find details of Black Magic in practice.  As well as thoughts, experiences, opinions, and noesis related to the Left-Hand Path and Sorcery.

Do not attempt to use any of these magical operations if you are not an experienced Magician who is fully prepared to deal with the results.