Magical Timeline

A Personal Magical Timeline

SIDE is the result of over 30 years of magical work and Left-hand Path initiation. The content published here is drawn directly from my magical journals which cover the majority of that span of time. As you can imagine I have a small library of personal grimoires (Over 20 of them).
Pentagram ritual

This whole Process is Very Strange to me

The decision to share my magical work with the world was not an easy one to make. I have always deeply valued my privacy. When I’m attending to something of great importance, I seek immediate solitude where I thrive and can think with greater clarity. The idea of opening my life, especially an aspect so deeply personal, is very out of character for me.

My immediate concern was the deeply personal nature of the information in many of my journals. They get very personal. Also they reveal my many magical failures, silly theories, and other embarrassments that have been a part of my journey which began when I was a child. Not everything in my magical journals is glamorous or cool. Some of it is decidedly humiliating. So I decided on a standard for creating the posts on this website. If the topic I am writing about has a significant failure tied to it; I will publish that in post, and won’t hold back. If it is a silly idea or foolish area of exploration, I will publish that too. I am ok doing this because I think that by publishing a complete and honest record it will give my readers a more authentic connection to my work. It will also make the content more approachable and human.  Being a modern sorcerer isn’t always glamorous or impressive. Sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it’s devastating. This is true of any life, magical or not. I want to show this.

Seal of Satan

I made the final decision to go forward with this project for a number of reasons, most of them I will be keeping to myself. The reason I would like to mention: by publishing my experiences on this website, it ensures the immortality of my work and increases the lore surrounding it.  There are some interesting benefits to this.

Holy Shit People are Rude

When I first began creating posts that reflected my grimoire entries, the idea was to go in chronological order, starting with the beginning (the oldest) entries. I quickly changed my mind and decided that I would select randomly except where a series of related entries need to be kept together for context and canon.

I have learned recently that it will be important to note each post with the approximate point in time of the journal entries it is derived from. Failing to do this has caused me much grief recently.

This timeline was created to help add context to each post on this website by showing the approximate period in my life from which it is drawn, and a few of the themes of that timeframe that stand out to me. I have included very small slices of information related to my magical/initiatory work.

Easter Sunday 1981
Age: 2
First Contact

Engaged in a lengthy conversation with a “face in the fireplace”.  I don't remember much about the actual conversation only that I felt very important.

Ongoing 1986 - 1991
Age: 8 - 13

Frequent experiences in a violently haunted home. Men with animal heads running down hallway. Symphonies of toads and bats making deafening orchestrated sounds. Disappearing figures everywhere. Dishes ejected from cabinets at high speed. Exploding glasses and picture frames. Pounding on walls and doors. Heavy footsteps. Basically every horror movie cliché. 

Theme: Fear

Winter 1991
Age: 13
People Do This?

Shoplifted Practical Candleburning Rituals by Raymond Buckland from Waldenbooks. Hours later my magical career began with creation of a talisman.

Themes: Spellbooks

Summer 1991
Age: 13

Successfully reduced haunting activity in my home by learning a simple banishing technique and applying it over and over again.

Themes:New Age, Spellbooks, Neo-Paganism

Spring 1992
Age: 13
The Doktor is In

Was gifted a copy of the Satanic Bible. I can still remember the smell of the pages. Gives me goosebumps to this day.
Everything changed.

Themes: Satanic Ritual, Lesser Black Magic

Summer 1992
Age: 13
Getting Technical

Shoplifted copy of Psychic Power by Charles Cosimano. The read proved to be revelatory and would alter the course of my life. My psychotronics career begins.

Themes: Satanic Ritual, Radionics

Fall 1992
Age: 14
All Together Now

Joined the Church of Satan. Started writing articles for various grottos to publish in their newsletters. I was too young to join a grotto so this was my way of being an "active member". I begin seriously keeping a journal of all my magical related activities, thoughts, etc.

Themes: Satanic Ritual, Radionics, Orgone

Spring 1993
Age: 15
Just a Number

Was invited to the join the Grotto ODM. Travelled to participate in my first group ritual. Made dear friends that are still dear friends. Began an apprenticeship under a Magister Templi of the Church of Satan. My magical work expands greatly.

Themes: Satanic Magic, Psychotronics, Goetic Evocation, Talismanic Magic, Astral Magic, The Internet

Age: 16
Close Your Eyes

I witness a fully physical violent attack, evidencing tremendous physical strength. All performed by an invisible force. I watched my future wife lifted 6 inches off the ground and slammed against the wall with such force the entire house shook. Just prior to this I had verbally declared my desire for something horrible to happen to her.

Themes: Things that will never be discussed or resolved. That which poisons the rose on the vine.

Age: 17

I am invited to join a private organization where I am initiated into the mysteries of spiritual predation. Frater 1584.

Themes: Vampirism, Personal Sorcery Techniques, Satanic Magic, Demonic Pact

Age: 18
Pay Attention
Philosopher's Stone

After an incident with a certain NYC grotto, I resign from the Church of Satan. I find an obscure reference to the Temple of Set in a book on vampirism and I send off for information (We didn't really have the Internet as you think of it today. We didn't email each other. We waited, sometimes for months, to correspond.). I received an information packet that captured my interest (as did the recorded message on the ToS answering machine). I applied and was accepted as a Setian I*.

Themes: Setian Black Magic, Philosophy, Psychotronics, Initiation

Age: 19
Phosphorous 2

I am recognized as an Adept II* of the Temple of Set. I get lost in the Ruby Tablet.

Themes: The Ruby Tablet, Chimera & Sphinx, Glinda, Initiation

Age: 20
To the Desert

I participate in a pilgrimage with a group of chaos magicians. In the desert for several days. Many strange things happen and I am changed.

Themes: Black Magic, Initiation, Demonic Magic

Age: 21
Hey! What the Fuck!?!?
Lead - Saturn

I experience the Dark Night of the Soul which I will be deeply affected by for a long time. I resign from the Temple of Set. Lost in a world of ghosts.

Themes: Impossible Success, Incredible Failure, Rinse, Repeat

Age: 24
He IS Real

I have a personal experience with the Prince of Darkness.

Themes: Destiny, The Powers of Darkness, Initiation, Truth, Beauty

Age: 28
An Old Friend

I receive a communication from my old teacher from the Temple of Set. It proves to be absolutely vital to every aspect of my life. I am inspired to move in a few new directions.

Themes: Advanced Western Sorcery, Quimbanda, Palo Mayombe, Palo Monte, Euro-Brazilian Syncretism

Even Stranger

A special communication spontaneously occurs. I temporarily become "The Crying Prophet" 🙁 and my personal Exu identifies himself as The Midnight Power. This begins the era of the Angulari.

Themes: Vampirism, Sex Magic, Hael, Daemonics, Demonics, Psychotronics, Metaphysiology

Age: 35

The Order of Sorcerous Intrusions is born. This unique fellowship of black magicians is something altogether different, and very special. Here begins my best work. Most refined, most focused on initiatory matters, and the teaching of others.

Themes: Fellowship, Power, Tempo, Innovation

Age: 41
It's True What They Say...

I'm getting older. It's time to start focusing on legacy, refinement, and the destruction of that which has been outgrown.

Themes: Peace, Power, Breakthrough, Love

Age: 42

With support from the Order of Sorcerous Intrusions I begin publishing information from my private magical journals that now stretch back in time over 30 years. I suspect there will be something of value in this. This digital grimoire is the flagship project of many more exciting things to come from the Order.

Themes: Legacy, Family, Revelation

I hope this offers clarity about where I was in terms of progress and significant interests with respect to specific entries to the grimoire.


Daemonic Excellence

Foundational ideas that form the bedrock upon which this temple is built. My work exists at the numinous intersections of such incredible Daemonic pressure and unnatural disposition, that tragedy or permanence are the only possible outcomes. These pages hold some of the experiences and thoughts born of living purposefully in the nexus of those forces.

Pentagram Blue Flame


Digital Grimoire: