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Finding yond thy charm sucketh?

Magic is a journey, with both peril and glory always around the corner.  That’s the life, and we have chosen it with a full heart to realize our initiatory and magical goals. Not the least of the problems encountered along the way is magical failure.


You’ve been planning your ritual for a new promotion for over a month. The timing is carefully selected to coincide with the perfect situation at the office. Your execution is flawless, indicators of impending success are mounting and…

That ass-hat from marketing that wears the Grateful Dead tie to board meetings gets the promotion! WTF?!?

You can feel your confidence in your abilities, forged over years of training and magical practice; it’s leaking out of your feet. You feel deflated, confused, and of course really really displeased.

I recently heard Don Webb giving an interview on a podcast and true to form, he came prepared with some uncomfortable but important insights. One that stood out was his statement that most magic fails. In a “grand scheme of things” way, I totally agree.

Why Your Magic Sucks is a short booklet that is jam-packed with solutions, tips, tricks, and considerations to help you turn your magical flops into magical masterpieces. All situated within a step-by-step troubleshooting framework that has been successfully used by many magicians from many diverse practices.

Give it a read. It won’t take but a few minutes, and best of all: It’s Free!

Don’t you dare say I never did you a solid.

Check it out here:

Why Your Magic Sucks

(and h0w to make it not suck)

Thank you for your time. I hope you find value here, and perhaps stop in from time to time to see what’s going on at Sorcerous Intrusions.


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