The Sorcery of the Left-Hand Path

A Digital Grimoire of Black Magical Arte

Sorcerous Intrusions & Daemonic Excellence (S.I.D.E.) will be home to a constellation of projects related to magic and the Left-Hand Path. The flagship project is the Digital Grimoire which will be publishing records and information from private magical journals spanning 30+ years.  You may view our progress by clicking the left “ENTER” button. 

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Linguavenom, Formavero, Captiosus, etc.

We tend to accumulate initiatory names. They change, expand, multiply, etc. Within this system of attainment, we use the concept of Pharaonic Throne Names which uses different names for different magical contexts.

Here at S.I.D.E., I’m going to use Adam Linguavenom or simply Adam as my handle.

I am a Sorcerer and initiate of the Left Hand Path. My praxis covers a very diverse swath of the Black Arts, including; predatory spirituality, initiatory black magic, activation of, and interaction with the Powers of Darkness, scholarly and magical exploration of The Prince of Darkness, fascination magic, psychotronics, magical solutions, truly bizarre features of magic, and a great deal more. In this place you will find records of my magical work that I deem appropriate for this medium. It is my hope that you will find something of interest here.

Dedicated to He Who Is Ancient Among the Ancients, To He of Sedge and Bee, and to my beloved apprentice; The Wyrm.