A Run of Bad Luck?

Bad Luck?

This post, which was created from actual entries in the grimoires of Adam Linguavenom, is best enjoyed while listening to: 

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Are You Having a Run of Bad Luck?

Have You Pissed Off Any Spirits Lately?
How About a Sorcerer?
(it's allot easier to do than you might think)
angry demon
13th floor

So even if you spend your free time jogging under ladders with a black cat under each arm for 13 miles. Or perhaps you have a curious talent for throwing onions through large mirrors. You still won’t incur the kind of bad luck I’m talking about here.

Defining REAL Bad Luck

In this entry, I am talking about something categorically different.

So let’s work towards a definition of real bad luck. Firstly; if you stub your toe on your way to your mailbox which contains a notice from the IRS that you are being audited; that’s not bad luck. If you call the IRS to ask them what the fuck and you are on hold so long that your cell phone battery explodes leaving you with 3rd degree burns on your face; that’s not bad luck. It’s unfortunate, but not what I’m discussing here.

What I AM discussing here is when the above scenario happens, and furthermore all your houseplants die simultaneously and you have vivid terrifying nightmares every night during sleep. You also perhaps have a cold that won’t go away, and all of this happens every day for 20 days straight. Now THAT is Bad Luck. Real bad luck. The kind of bad luck caused by pissed off spiritual entities that have power in the world. Or perhaps an adept magician, who has the skills to ruin your life and not one drop of compunction doing so.


The key to diagnosing real spiritual bad luck is radical honesty (Like so many things in life.). If you witness a concentration of events with significant duration. Especially if there is a repeat of similar negative events day after day. If you have an absurd number of micro-disasters (and regular disasters) happening in densely packed clusters and continuing along a timeline; it becomes obvious that the situation is well beyond the law of averages and is clearly something else.

Stirring Up a Spiritual Shitstorm

You have applied rigorous analysis, been painfully objective, and arrived at the conclusion that something is amiss.

Let’s look at some possible characters that fit into this drama (And possibly see if you fit in here somewhere too).

The Dolt
The Dolt

Some people are just fucking obnoxious. Hard to like folks that effortlessly offend all they come in contact with. Often they are oblivious. They just rub the world the wrong way. Well, it turns out that these types are offensive in the subtle realms as well. Their lack of situational awareness extends into the magical universe where it is compounded ten-fold; leaving a trail of pissed off spirits in their bumbling wake.

The Unnatural Disaster
The Unnatural Disaster

You know that neighbor of yours that is always working on their car in front of their house at 6am, with Whitesnake blasting from their shitty little boombox? Usually half-drunk, underneath their project car thats swaying in the wind because it's up on scissor jacks. You know, the guy that makes you stare out the blinds, just begging for one of those silly jacks to collapse. Ok so what does he do with all that oil, brake fluid, solvent, etc.? I mean he's changed the oil 4 times this week and you are pretty sure he hasn't left except to grab more beer from the mini-mart up the street (You already know; he's been dumping it in the gutter of course! Hey it's no big deal, its just one guy and it's a big ocean! It will be fine. Right?). Turns out that in addition to being illegal (not to mention fucking reprehensible for the impact on the local ecosystem alone), it infuriates the local spirits that are native to the land that your neighborhood was built on. They can hold quite a grudge. And because they operate so close to the physical world, they can be impactuful to say the least. Who knows maybe the crappy old scissor jack might take a digger after all (If it does make sure to leave a suitable offering for the spirits of the land at the closest crossroads.).

The Sorcerer's Apprentice
The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Some people just shouldn't fuck around with magic. They lack discipline. They don't understand the mechanics of what they are doing. Or perhaps they are just true beginners with no intuition. Whatever the case; they stumble from ritual to ritual hoping to cause something tangible to happen. Each time they perform magic, and they don't sense or see something "magical" happening, they count the working a failure and try the next operation.
This can result in an accumulation of pissed off spirits. Each working producing new invisible enemies. Most spirits, human or not, are not particularly sympathetic to these antics and will respond accordingly.


This is the target of a genuine curse. Usually something invlovling demonic agency. This brings up an important point. As a magician you don't want to interfere with the magical operations of other sorcerers. So if someone comes to you for help with a problem like this; you need to be certain that they are not the target of another sorcerer. If such is the case, do some digging, find out what you can about the source of the curse and decide how to proceed fromt here.

Normal No-Fault Victim

It is quite possible for a total normal person, doing totally normal things to find themselves on the business end of an angry spiritual force. This is rare, but it happens. The particular case that I'm thinking of was a young woman whoe upon moving into her new home; decided to plant a garden. In fact it was the garden she had grown at her previous home, so it was a transplant garden. Immediately the negative instances began to stack up. In the end, and after much suffering, it turned out that the local spirits of the land were deeply ofended by the garden she had planted. In my opinion it was tied to the fact that the plants were originally grown on another property, though I never received confirmation of this.

Other Causes

There are of course many other possible causes for genuine bad luck, everything from ancestral rifts with powerful entities, to drug addiction. In such cases there will be some preliminary work that needs to be done before an effective magical solution can be applied. Let’s look at a few of the most common factors.

Drug/Alcohol Addiction

This is a big one. The spiritual effects of drug addiction are genuinely terrifying. There are in fact entire classes of spiritual entities that specialize in forming parasitic attachments and feeding off of the misery of addiction. As you can probably guess, they are quite proficient at keeping humans addicted as well.

Ancestral Problems

There are true multi-generational curses, that plague select members of a lineage. These are tough cases which often need to be diagnosed by a gifted medium.

Dirty Environment

Is your home a fucking disaster? Dishes piled up, flies buzzing? Clean your home. What we do in the physical world echoes into the subtle realms. If you live in filth, you will attract filth.


True clinical depression is an open invitation to problem entities and spiritual forces that promote degradation of quality of life. If you are presenting symptoms of depression, you need qualified medical care immediately. Don’t fuck around with this.

Solutions for Bad Luck Curses

good luck items

In all cases, getting yourself in order is the best defense against spiritual emnity. Take pride in yourself, your appearance, your hygeine, your home, and the company you keep. Other factors to consider for breaking and preventing a run of bad luck.

Connect with your ancestors. Connection to your ancestral line is an important factor in all areas of your magical work. There are plenty of good books out there on connecting and working with your ancestors. I recommend Honoring your Ancestors by Mallorie Vaudoise.

Cultivate laughter and joy. Is your home a place of general happiness? Do you spend time on projects that are emotionally significant to you? It’s pretty important.

Keep you home in order. Clean. Organize. Repeat. Pretty simple.

Attend to your health. Stop ignoring that chest pain you get every now and then. Don’t attribute anything to “just getting old”. There are solutions for just about everything, but you need to seek them out.

Eliminating Bad Luck

Once you are attending to the above factors, you can move forward with the magical solution for bad luck. The following working has been used by myself and others to great effect. Also the following working is tradition/philosophy agnostic and therefore shouldn’t twist anyone’s panties.

Preliminary Work

Obviously, attend to the list in the previous section.

Perform divination using your preferred method, to attempt to gain insight into the nature of your bad luck. You want to find out if it is a local spirit, a person, etc. that is causing you problems.

Perform divination to determine what offerings the local spirits that can affect your environment might prefer.

Banish Bad Luck
Gather the following:
  • White and Black ritual candles
  • A variety of fresh fruits (apples, blueberries, oranges, etc.)
  • 2 white bandanas
  • A brown paper bag (old school lunch style)
  • 9 pennies
  • A raw egg
  • 1 fine quality cigar
  • 1 bottle of Florida Water
  • 1 Bottle of Whiskey
  • 1 Cup of Cascarilla
  • 1 Gallon Bottle of purified water
  • Table Salt
  • Epsom Salt
  • Pine Needles/Pine Essence
  • 1 Bottle of Beer (Something dark and heavy like Porter. Or Guinness in a pinch)
  • Baking Soda
  • 3 small quartz crystals
  • Frankincense sticks

There are 3 parts to this technique; a ritual bath, a house wash, and a formal ritual.

Prior to beginning you will prepare two potions:

Adam's Dispelling Potion, Liquid Eraser, and Fluid Condenser

This is my superb recipe. The potion will serve to dispel all energetic/spiritual concentrations from anything to which it is applied. So be careful, don’t splash it on grandma’s ashes above the fireplace or anything like that (Unless grandma needs the boot).
Furthermore, it will act as a fluid condenser and grown stronger over time by absorbing energies that dispel and erase. It has many applications. Ideally the potion should be stored in a dark brown glass bottle and sealed air-tight when not in use.
Here is the recipe:

  • Florida Water (3 parts)
  • Whiskey (1 part)
  • Salt (1 tsp)
  • Pine (1/4 tsp)
  • Cascarilla (1/4 tsp)
  • Purified Water (4 parts)
  • 1 quartz crystal in the bottom of the bottle

When you have mixed all of the ingredients and poured the potion into the glass bottle, drop the crystal into the solution. Clasp the bottle in both hands. Observe a blinding whiteness cascade into the room, all around you, erasing everything from sight with its over-powering brightness. Maintain this vision as long as possible while softly whispering the following chant into the liquid:

Dispel, Dis-pel, Di-spel, Disp-el, Dispel. You are Eraser.

The Bad Luck Eraser Bath

You will prepare the following solution and set aside to add to the ritual bath when it is time.

  • Baking Soda (1 tbsp)
  • Epsom Salt (1 tbsp)
  • Adam’s Dispelling Potion (A few drops no more)
  • Purified Water (1 cup)
  • Dark Beer (1 tbsp)

When the mixture is complete pour some purified water in a clean glass and set it next to the completed mix. In your own words ask your ancestors to please remove the misfortune that is attached to you, and to come have a drink of water. Leave the glass of water and bath mixture for at least 9 hours.

You are now ready to remove your bad luck. Setup your altar or ritual environment as you normally would. Place at least one white and one black candle on your altar.

Step 1 - Clean Your Environment

In your main living area of your home, splash a few drops of the dispelling potion in every corner. I use a small clean paint brush for this. As you do so, observe the room filling with the blinding white force again, and chant “Dispel” all the while.
Repeat in every room, bathroom, closet, etc. Include all doors, windows, fireplace, etc. as well.

Step 2 - Ritual Bath

Place 1 quartz crystal in your tub. Fill your tub with cold water. Yes as cold as you can safely handle. Add 1/2 the bath mixture while asking your ancestors to wash away all negative attachments and misfortune from you.

Quickly get into the bath, sliding down to submerge your whole head briefly. Now get out of the water, dry off and get dressed for your ritual.

Step 3 - The Bad Luck Removal Ritual

Gather all of the ritual items.
Light your ritual candles and incense. If you normally open in a specific way, DON’T.

Just follow these instructions.

Make Peace with the Locals

Take some of the fresh fruit and bundle it up in one of the bandanas. Pour some whiskey over the bundle. Light the cigar and blow some smoke on the bundle. Take it to the edge of your property and leave it on the ground as an offering to the spirits of the land. Say out loud:

I present this offering to the spirits holding sway over this place. I seek peace between us and I ask that you guard myself and this home from all malice.

Enlist Your Ancestors

Pour some more purified water into the glass of water for your ancestors, and place the glass on your altar. Ask your ancestors to assist you in removing the misfortune that surrounds you and to protect you from its return.

Creating a Safe Space

Using the cascarilla, draw a large equal-armed cross on the floor by your altar. You will draw the horizontal arms first, then the vertical. Go from right to left and then top to bottom.

Light the cigar, and blow smoke on yourself and the area around the cross. Spray 3 large mouthful of whiskey from your mouth on to the cross on the ground.

Drawing out the Curse

Stand on the cross.

Open the bottle of dispelling potion. Dip your right index finger in the liquid and draw the same cross on your forehead, top of your feet, and finally on the top of your head.

Observe the brilliant, eradicating light from before emerging from the crosses. First the cross on the floor, then on your brow, then on your feet, and finally on your crown.

Say out loud:

All misfortune flees from my bodies. The secret god in my heart commands all malevolence and misfortune to dispel or be sacrificed to the glory of the hidden god within me.

Observe the brilliant light becoming more intense, such that it forms a shell around your body. The light is so bright that it envelopes and erases anything that is not you.

The Attachment

You may notice while you are building your visualization, the persistent appearance of "things" attached to your body (or inside your body) in your imagination. This is the actual malevolent attachments that are driving the bad luck, being revealed by the light you are invoking. If you notice this, simply observe these attachments dissolving in the light like everything else. (The image is funny because it's true)

Take up the egg and whisper “Rado – Deleo” over and over again while you gently rub the egg over your body, your head, your feet, careful not to break it. As you do so, observe a large brown-green worm being drawn out of your chest and being absorbed by the egg.

(You may note some bizarre physical sensations or even dizziness as you perform this step. If you feel unstable, you can sit while you finish.)

Place the egg in the brown paper bag along with the 9 pennies, and the remaining quartz crystal. Fold the bag closed. Draw the equal armed cross on the bag, using cascarilla the same as before.

Bundle more fruit in the other white bandana.

A Little Field Trip

Take the brown paper bag, the bundle of fruit, and the remainder of the bottle of whiskey to a local cemetery. At the entrance to the cemetery leave the paper bag (with the egg, pennies, etc.), the fruit bundle, and the bottle of whiskey. Say the following out loud:

Keepers of the cemetery, I bring you these offerings so that you will dispose of this filth.

Do not enter the cemetery, do not pay attention to anything you hear (like your name being called).

Take 3 steps backwards from the paper bag, turn around, and leave without looking back.


When you return home, take another ritual bath as before with the remaining bath mix. Clean your ritual area of any trace of the ritual just performed except for the glass of water for your ancestors.

Every day for 3 days, repeat Step 1 – Clean Your Environment.

If you carefully followed these instructions, your bad luck curse is most assuredly removed.

Any time you feel like you need to “clean” your environment or yourself, use the dispelling potion. Don’t use it for anything other than dispelling that which moves against you or makes your uncomfortable.


“Rado – Deleo” is simply Latin words approximating erase, cleanse, eradicate, etc. They have been chosen specifically for the purifying force that they have been attached to.

The hidden god in your heart is your future self. Your divine self. The Daemon.

Any questions or comments are welcome. I hope this proved informative and if you are suffering from authentic bad luck, curative.

For those that don’t understand why such an elaborate procedure is used; you aren’t suffering from the kind of bad luck I’m talking about in this entry.

May you Love and Hate Fearlessly. May you Keep your Joy Close. May you Keep your Blessings in your Heart. May your Black Flame Burn with the Intensity of the Infernus itself.



Sorcerous Intrusions

The most excellent and potent sorceries manifest in the world of horrors like a death-dealing lightning bolt out of a clear blue sky. A violent intrusion upon the reliability of the natural world (if even for the briefest of moments), that collapses the expectations of a harmonious and predictable world in all who witness.  

Exu Meia Noite

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