King Beleth: Notes and Results

King Beleth

Supplemental Information for the Demon Beleth

The following videos are brief and dig a bit into my methods for working with non-human entities. Specifically the demon Beleth as discussed in my previous entry:

No Vanilla: The Demon Beleth

The Demon Beleth Part 1

Beleth’s manifestation, background information, and some personal ideas on the grimoire tradition magical techniques. Transcript below video


I want to briefly discuss the demon Beleth as I’ve been doing some work with this intelligence over the last few weeks and this has resulted in a variety of lively demonstrations of power that I’m very pleased with.

So a little background Beleth is a Go-Et-Ic demon, which I feel is largely a meaningless distinction. That grimoire doesn’t grant these creatures existence, it’s just the most popular record of work with them. And a largely fictional work at that.
Nevertheless Beleth is assigned a solar correspondence, and some other particulars that aren’t important to me so I won’t bore you.

Beleth is a King, certainly within the heirarchies relevant to him (maybe her).

He is said to arrive atop a horse, surrounded by cats with disembodied trumpets playing. Throwing a fit and otherwise being scary.
I never experienced anything like this. In fact the manifestation was calm, androgynous and regal.

The Goetic manuals almost universally describe a scenario where the magician is required to have a battle of wills with the demon, finally wrestling him into submission with a series of curses and bondage spells. What’s hilarious is that the next instruction advises the magician to receive the demon with courtesy and respect on account of his royal status. These grimoires are generally riddled with hypocricy not the least of which is the focus on living a holy and virtuous life of prayer and sacrifice, while spending your Saturday nights summoning sex demons. What a fucking joke.

I’ve never bothered with the methods described in the traditional grimoires, except perhaps in my youth and then only once or twice as I would quickly become exasperated by nonsense.

When i work with a demon or any non-human spirit, I don’t call upon empyrean spirits for protection, I don’t sling Hebrew holy names around, and I certainly don’t start my relationship off with insulting commands. I don’t even use a protective circle (it’s fucking embarassing). I’ll get into my method in the next video.

Here I do use the traditional sigils of the demon. These are the sigils I could find for working with Beleth. I don’t always use sigils, and I’ve demonstrated time and again that effective contact can be made with no symbolic representation of the demon at all. In the case of Beleth I used the sigils as points of focus for transmitting specific information about my statements of will.

My first working was for some very specific and complex sexual manifestations and sex magic, with multiple points of reality that would need adjusting simultaneously. And while I like to think of myself as both virile and a skilled multitasker; this particular scenario would require some assistance. That’s where Beleth comes in.

Needless to say the results have been more than satisfactory; hence this video. I have setup special honors for Beleth using a 7 day candle that has been painted with relevant symbolism, as well as some special pine incense that I ordered that is supposed to be of exceptional quality. Finally I am honoring Beleth’s assistance by making this video to spread his/her lore and possibly encourage others to experiment for themselves.

A funny sidenote on the interesting side-effects of working with Beleth in this manor, several times I found myself totally randomly, ummm, “at the ready” if you know what I mean. And I’m not talking about a run of the mill situation. More like a painfully engorged 19 year old on his first trip beyond 3rd base. It was amusing given the circumstances for this “manifestation”. Like giving a lecture. Fortunately there was a podium.

The Demon Beleth Part 2

Notes on my actual working for conjuring Beleth, tools used, and some advice. Transcript below video


This is a continuation of this 2 part series on the demon Beleth. I’m going to give some notes on the actual workings involved.

For communication I used my speculum which is a 2′ wide circular black mirror.
On my altar in front of the speculum was a large sigil of Beleth in black on yellow card stock.

A pendulum in case I run into any issues achieving a proper trance. As I’ve been working in my new auxiliary temple, which is quite small and unfinished, sometimes the conditions are intrusive enough to interfere with focus.

A few candles and some notes.

I opened using a modified version of the Bond of the Nine Angles. Two standard versions of this technique can be found in Toby Chappell’s Infernal Geometry. I highly recommend this work as it contains the fundamental system of angular magic refined by the Order of the Trapezoid.

From there I entered a light trance using sound concentration and a visual manipulation technique and chanted the enn of Beleth:

Lirach tasa vefa wehl Beleth

The manifestation was immediate. Subtle. Royal. I had a very strong sense of demon presence which for me is a unique sensation in my solar plexus that only occurs in the presence of infernal host. I have over the years developed a whole library of solar plexus sensations that each represent different supernormal and mundane events. Everything from spirit manifestation to lying. The gut never fails.

I communicated my needs, struck agreement and we went about our mutual business shortly thereafter.

I do have one specific tip for those that want to try their hand at working with Beleth. This was communicated to me not by Beleth but by an emissary of Exu Meia Noite I believe.

When you are prepping for your meeting with Beleth, get ready like you are going to meet royalty. How you clean yourself up, dress, etc. should reflect that level of attention to your appearance. Beleth is after all a king (possibly a queen), so prepare yourself accordingly.

That’s all. Thank you for your time.

I hope you enjoyed this entry from my grimoire.  Please connect with us on social and return often for more Left-Hand Path sorcery.

-Adam (black magician, techno-mage, and tongue-in-cheek philosopher, at your service.)


Sorcerous Intrusions

The most excellent and potent sorceries manifest in the world of horrors like a death-dealing lightning bolt out of a clear blue sky. A violent intrusion upon the reliability of the natural world (if even for the briefest of moments), that collapses the expectations of a harmonious and predictable world in all who witness.  

Exu Meia Noite

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