Blood and Runes: Direct Magic

Blood and Runes

The Fourfold Intrusion of Iacobus

FFII: A runic exploit of the natural world.

Being a most pow’rful ‘n festinate conjure of s’rc’rous magical arte. Suitable f’r causing all mann’r of desires t’appeareth bef’re thee without delaye ‘r hind’r.

Here then is Jacob’s Fourfold Intrusion


This is a technique of Direct Black Magic and therefore can be done “on the fly” as necessary. It does however lend itself as the working portion of a Greater Black Magical working if that is preferred.

The FFII uses a unique  structure and arrangement ruleset to create a bind rune of four staves (up to 8 if necessary) which have been selected to represent the desired adjustment to reality. The Bind-rune is cut and cast using a blood sorcery formula combined with tactile energetic stimulation to form the energetic structure of the bind-rune.


FFII exploits the geometry of the Gebo (meaning gift, phonetic “G”, shaped like the Roman letter “X”). The rune Gebo has many unique properties, including the ability to transubstantiate directly in the physical world. 

Why this is so, I am as yet uncertain, but my working theory is as follows: When Gebo is used to combine other rune staves in a specific way, it can capitalize on hidden energy/informational structures put in place by the “powers that be”. The use of the physical body as the medium for expression of the FFII is what facilitates this exploit.

Additionally, the FFII reveals a generally secret ruleset of reality that is possably used by those powers that interact with/guide the natural world. I believe that when properly executed, the FFII lets us use a function of the physical universe that is generally reserved for the gods. A back door in the operating system of reality, left by the programmers, for the programmers, and in this case, the clever sorcerer.

The sorcerer that masters this technique would be wise to explore the mechanics of its method of action as there are many more secrets awaiting discovery by the tenacious Adept.


Clearly define your intent. Write it down in the present-tense. For example:

“I am possessed of great focus” as opposed to “It is my will to have great focus”

Select a number of rune staves that represent your intent. Ideally four but as many as 8 may be used if absolutely necessary. This necessitates some level of functional understanding of the runes in a magical context. When using reference material, I highly recommend the works of Edred Thorsson.

Continuing with our example of “I am possessed of great focus”. I would select the following runes to represent this:


Fehu – The channel for projection. In this sense it represents the beam of focus created by all that your eyes rest upon.

Uruz – Mental Strength, health and energy.

Isa – Focus, stillness, observation.


Ingwaz – Centering and concentration of thought as well as gestation of ideas.

Now you will develop your four-fold intrusion which is the arrangement of the selected runes on the scaffolding of a large Gebo rune. The arrangement of the runes is made by telling the story of your statement of desire beginning at the top left and moving clockwise around the Gebo rune upon which the other runes are hung. In the case of our example, I would use the following arrangement:


1st is Fehu which establishes the power of concentration.

2nd is Uruz which ensures the health of the mind.

3rd in Isa which inspires a state of calm stillness.

4th is Ingwaz which faciliatetes a concentration of these powers within the magician.

There are some other rules for placement of the runes that can affect the outcome and allow for more precise intrusions to be cast.

A rune can be represented mirrored (flipped horizontally) to indicate that it is functioning in a receptive rather than projective mode.  So, if for example we faced our Fehu rune the other direction, it would indicate to receive a projection rather than send one. 

A rune can be represented upside down on the lower arms of Gebo without invoking its negative (murkstave) aspect, so long as it is facing the opposite direction of its upright form.

A negative murk-stave is represented by having the upside down rune facing the same direction as its normal upright position.

Draw your FFII on scrap paper so you have an image to work from. 


The final bind-rune is going to be drawn on the body in an easily concealed location. For example, I tend to use my upper thigh. The image needs to be drawn so that it would be right side up for an external observer facing you. So, this generally means upside down from your perspective. This part is important.

Retire to your working place with the FFII, a lancet or similar and whatever you need to sterilize your puncture site.

Select the location that you will draw the FFII. Sterilize the puncture site.

Focus your vision intensely on that area. Stare at it hard and unwavering. As this becomes uncomfortable begin to lightly stimulate the area by brushing it with your fingertips in a painting motion. Then lightly draw spirals on the area.

After a minute or two, stop stimulating the area and close your eyes. Recreate the feeling of the brushing and spirals. Recall the feeling not the visual, the physical sensation. Continue until you can feel the area tingling. 

Puncture the sterilized area and gently squeeze to express as much blood as possible. Using your finger, tip of your ritual dagger, or other suitable painting device (I use a small paint brush made from my hair.) paint the FFII on the designated area of your body. Pay attention to lines. Really obsess about how it looks. If the blood from the puncture dries add a drop of spit and mix it up.

When you are satisfied, stare into the center of the FFII. Recall the brushing sensation. Fight hard to maintain this focus. You will notice a shift in the sigil. Something will change. A shimmer, a feeling, something.  When this happens cover the FFII and go about your business.

In the following day you may notice strange or slightly painful sensations in the area around where the FFII was painted. This is the natural process of the FFII exploiting the structures that were discussed in the introduction. Once your manifestation has occurred, record in your grimoire.

This works fast. Do not do anything stupid. Best alterations are made to yourself and your immediate environment.

I hope you enjoyed. 



Sorcerous Intrusions

The most excellent and potent sorceries manifest in the world of horrors like a death-dealing lightning bolt out of a clear blue sky. A violent intrusion upon the reliability of the natural world (if even for the briefest of moments), that collapses the expectations of a harmonious and predictable world in all who witness.  

Exu Meia Noite

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