No Vanilla: The Demon Beleth

King Beleth

or the Conjuration of ball-gags, spreader-bars, and Demonic Viagra Complements of the 13th Spirit of the Goetia

King Beleth

1°_10° Leo (day) | July 22-August 1 | FIVE OF WANDS | SOL-GOLD | Beleth(also Bilet, Bileth, Byleth, or Bilith) is a grimoire tradition demon, best known as the 13th demon of the Goetia. Beleth is referred to as a king ruling eighty-five legions of demons. It is said that he is heralded by loud trumpets and appears riding a white horse. Beleth is said to appear with a ferocious disposition, and must be commanded to submit by the magician with the hazel wand and silver ring. According to some sources, after the flood Beleth taught mathematics to Noah's son Ham.

This brief entry will cover some notes about King Beleth, and my methods for working with him. 

Advanced Sex Magic

I decided to work with King Beleth for an advanced sex magic operation that would require a level of nuance and adaptability that required intelligent intervention. I also needed to be able to control exactly when the demonic assistance would be rendered. Beleth proved to be an intuitive and adaptable assistant in this work.

Method of Demon Summoning

I tend to have a minimalist approach to my ritual work these days. This was not always so, and historically I have been known for my advanced, elaborate ritual chambers and ritual techniques. However, as I continue to progress along The Path (30+ years), the tool of ritual becomes less and less a centerpiece of my magical practice.

This is how I summoned Beleth.

I setup a simple altar with Beleth’s seal featured in the center. Behind and above my altar is my speculum which is a 2′ round black mirror.

I burned pine incense and used small black candles as altar candles.

Lastly I prepared a yellow 7 day candle for Beleth. The candle was washed, dried, washed in Florida water, and finally painted with the name and sigils of Beleth. This candle would be used as a special tribute to the demon king.

The Evocation Beleth

Being a hodgepodge of experimental techniques designed to inform the Master’s Law, and facilitate the coherent interaction with the Demon King Beleth.


  • Wash up. Clean Temple.
  • Simple Internal Banishing Action
  • Stir the Astral Body
  • Activate the Subtle Senses
  • Position Self in Universe
  • Breathe

The Rite:
Light Candles, Incense, etc.
Intone Bell: Note atmosphere change

Invoke the Triad of Darkness:
I used the technique of Hamar’at and Michael Ford as detailed in the Necrominon.

Establish Magical Authority:
By taking up my Tcham Scepter and declaring the 100 letter name of Typhon.

Opening of The Way:
I used the Bond of the Nine Angles (modified) to access the magical universe. You can find information about this technique in Toby Chappell’s Infernal Geometry.

Declare Statement of Intent: In this case it was related to the facilitation of a demonic possession during the working portion of a sex magic experiment. Further there was to be a pulsing of the possession effect.

The Conjuration of Beleth:
With absurd focus, invoke the (modified) First Enochain Key.

Be seated and gaze into the sigil of Beleth, while chanting the King’s name.

When the descent is complete, gaze into the speculum and interact with the manifestation.

Departure & Closing:
“King Beleth, thank you for joining me in this rite and for making this agreement with me. I bid you depart, as will I so that we may begin our work. May all the blessings of the Dark Lord be upon you.”

Stand and proclaim:
“I now release all of the forces called by this rite. Go forth peacefully. This I declare in the name of ABLANATHANALBA – SISOPETRON, the Lord of Darkness.”

Extinguish candles.

Restore Chamber.


beleth ritual


The results brought forth by Beleth were impressive and executed precisely as I detailed. This was related to assistance with an advanced sex magic operation, and it required some finess.

After the initial result, I also found that I presented a permanent increase in my libido and sexual functioning (two effects that were not requested). A side-effect of working with Beleth I suppose. Welcome, but extreme. 

Please see the Beleth videos in the supplemental posts following this one.

I hope you enjoyed this entry from my grimoire.  Please connect with us on social and return often for more Left-Hand Path sorcery.

-Adam (black magician, techno-mage, and tongue-in-cheek philosopher, at your service.) 


Sorcerous Intrusions

The most excellent and potent sorceries manifest in the world of horrors like a death-dealing lightning bolt out of a clear blue sky. A violent intrusion upon the reliability of the natural world (if even for the briefest of moments), that collapses the expectations of a harmonious and predictable world in all who witness.  

Exu Meia Noite

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