The Universal Talisman: Advanced Psychotronics Innovation


Original Advanced Psychotronics Design

A psychotronic device for combining and transmitting the effects of talismans and other magical objects.

This is a new design of mine, and I’ve been working with it extensively over the last month to ensure its efficacy prior to presenting it. It represents multiple innovations in the areas of psychotronics, psionics, and radionics.

Universal Talisman Psychotronics

The device was born out of a need to make a large, impractical magical object portable. Further I experienced multiple times where I had need to combine the effects of multiple talismans into a single directed current of magical influence.

The point is time-saving, practicality, and extending the boundaries of psychotronics as a practical endeavor for the magician.

General Components & Functions

The UT has 4 main components:

  • Receiver Pad
  • Black Box
  • Transmitter Cradle
  • Universal Talisman
Psychotronic Receiver Pad

The Receiver Pad is a hockey puck shaped device that interacts with the talismans or magical objects that are to be transmitted. It features a special type of “induction” coil made of copper tubing filled with a special compound that is excited by a fine electrically conductive thread. At one end of the coil is a “button” filled with a compound that is designed to to be hyper-sensitive to energetic/informational signals. At the other end of the coil is an energy absorbing design based on some of Wilhelm Reich’s theories.
A one-way flow is esteblsihed in the coil using directional magnetic fields, magnetic shielding, and special materials that are considered to be “eloptic insulators”, all arranged to cause the correct directional flow.

Black Box

The Black Box houses the aplifying circuit, the solar charging circuit (which powers the amps) the vampire circuit, and the input/output circuits.


The Transmitter Cradle concentrates the amplified signals of the Receiver Pad through the Black Box. Here we use a variety of techniques to ensure a strong unadulterated composite signal from the various outputs of the Receiver Pad.

Carry Talisman

The Universal Talisman is the actual carry talisman that rests in the Transmitter Cradle when not in use. The inclusion of sealed liquid pockets containing a tightly bonded “fluid condenser” compound ensures that the UT remains a faithful transmitter of the talismanic signals stored in the Transmitter Cradle.

Feature Observations

Reciever 3

Orgone Absorber aka Vampire Orac – An orgone device with a reversed flow function. The absorbing function is achieved by creating an “inverse” orgone energy, that is “hungry” for a charge/structure, and combining that with a novel system of directed orgone. The end result is a device that actively draws orgone energy.


Psychoplasmic Medium – A stable, gelatenous compound that is psycho-reactive under certain conditions.

Liquid Uruz

Uruz Fluid – Liquid essence of the Uruz rune. Used to rebuild the energetic structures contained in the source talismans.

Vampire Circuit

Vampire Module – A modular radionics device that draws and deposits signal/information/energy. Can be added to any traditional radionics system.

Orgone Battery Outer

Orgone Battery – An orgonite device that transmutes, stores, and accumulates orgone energy.

Universal Talisman Operation

The Universal Talisman is simple enough to use. Place the desired magical objects on the Receiver pad and/or in the aux input of the Black Box. Flip switch number one to activate the amplifiers and the vampire circuit. Switch number 2 activates the power circuit and charges the internal battery using ambient light via the small solar panel atop the Black Box.

The Universal Talisman is now energized and will replicate the combined effects of the combined talismans/magical objects/other on the Receiver Pad.

When you are ready to halt the effect, simply turn the switches off, remove the objects from the receiver pad, and place the Universal Talisman in the Transmitter Cradle which uses a powerful magnet to hold the Universal Talisman in place.

Seating the Universal Talisman in the cradle activates a clearing function that scrubs the system clean so that there will be no lingering effect from previous experiments.

Below is a quick video introduction to the Universal Talisman.

Video Introduction to the Universal Talisman

Play Video

Construction Gallery

Mystery Orgonite Compound

This liquid orgonite is injected into the copper tubing to achieve the directional energetic effects.

Carry Talisman Layer

Laying down the first layer of the carry talisman.


Tuning the Vampire Circuit with my 6 dial radionic box.

Digital Stick Pad

My digital stick pad with rates for the V-Circuit.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about my latest psychotronic design.


The Universal Talisman will be featured along with many other original psychotronic and radionic innovations in my forthcoming book.

Thank you for your time.



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