The Modern Cult of Saint Cyprian; Our Sorcerous Patron

Saint Cyprian

Cypriano: A Modern American Cyprianista's Perspective

The Central Statue of the Altar of St. Cyprian

San Cypriano, or Saint Cyprian of Antioch, is one of the most unique Saints in the Catholic canon and has a long history of work with occultists (technically St. Cyprian was removed from the Bishop roster in 1968 when the church determined that there was never a Bishop Cyprian in Antioch [possibly wrong Antioch]). Modern times have seen a significant increase in his cult, and he is found in more and more works by modern Occultists. He’s a personification of both traditional as well as formalized ritual work. A canonized Catholic Saint, yet a Patron Saint of Necromancers. A Christian bishop, with the secrets of ancient magic and undisputed sorcerous power. Preserving the secrets of his pagan childhood which gave him the practices of traditional Greco-Roman Magic and Occultism. An arguable poster child for religio-magical syncretism, hiding oppressed or disfavored traditions under the guise of more accepted practices.

The Legend of Saint Cyprian, Bishop of Antioch

San Cypriano and San Cypriano

Saints Cyprian of Antioch(purple) and Carthage

Many texts have been written on the history and myths that have been built around San Cypriano. So coverage of his history would be far outside the scope of this short work; a brief summary of what is roughly constant between legends will have to do.

For clarity to the reader coming to San Cypriano for the first time, there are at least two Saint Cyprians in the Catholic Cannon: Cyprian of Antioch and Cyprian of Carthage. The one that we are concerned with is Saint Cyprian of Antioch.  However, the division is not so simple.  The stories of their lives are often transposed and there are some that see the two Cyprians as being different sides of the same being. Cyprian of Carthage (born 249) represents the repentant sorcerer who is forced to concede that Christ’s power exceeds his own, causing his conversion to Christianity.  While Cyprian of Antioch represents a cunning sorcerer who ascends the ranks of the Catholic priesthood to gain access to even greater powers than his sorcery alone provided. The two Cyprians were basically contemporaries and even traveled to and performed miracles in the same places. It can be quite confusing trying to separate the two historically.

The Early Life of San Cypriano of Antioch
Mount Olympus
Mount Olympus where Cyprian is said to have studied magic

San Cypriano was born in 260 into a pagan family in Antioch (Syria). From early childhood to age 30 he studied magic in the greatest schools in the world, the centers of magical wisdom at Olympus, Argos, Memphis, and Babylon.  Having the discovered the secrets of conjuring demons, it is said that he looked upon the Devil himself and was given the gift of demon familiars.

Eventually, Cyprian ascended to the priesthoods of these magical traditions and was a true master of the Black Arts, beloved by the people of Antioch for his many magical solutions. Spells, curses, potions, and demons were all part of his craft as a respected sorcerer.

As a young man, Cyprian performed magic for hire and was much sought after for his philters. It is said that he was a student of the famed Witch of Evora and that it is from her that he gained his infamous book of magic.

A Cipriano

In many European cultures, and in particular Iberian and Scandinavian, Cypriano became synonymous with a book of magic. So much so that the word Cipriano was used to mean a grimoire or book of magic. In Scandinavia the svarteboken (black book), is often called a Cyprianus.

The Virgin Justina
Saint Justina

Justina was a local of Antioch and a Christian convert. This put her at odds with many in her community, but it is said that her beauty won most over.

Justina was known for her unflinching devotion to Christ, and the church. In fact her entire life was completely consumed with her faith.

The legends differ on several points, but the general idea is that Justina became the object of affection for either Cyprian himself or a young man named Aglaidas.  When Justina was propositioned for marriage she refused, as she wanted to remain a virgin and serve as a faithful wife of Christ (the nunnery).  

Angered and offended, Aglaidas sought out Cyprian for a magical solution.  Cyprian was tasked with causing the young virgin Justina to become enamored with her would-be suitor, using whatever magical means would be necessary. 

After a series of failures, culminating in the Devil himself trying and failing (It is said that Justina had only to make the sign of the cross to dispel every effort to enchant her.), Cyprian conceded to the power of the cross and converted to Christianity.

The Bishop of Antioch
St. Cyprian of Antioch

Cyprian, outdone by the power of Justina’s faith, presented himself to the bishop and asked for baptism, renouncing his Sorcerous Intrusions. He even brought his magical library to be burned before the bishop to prove his devotion to the church.

Cyprian quickly rose through the ranks of the clergy, receiving ordination within a year of his conversion, and finally becoming the Bishop of Antioch.

Cyprian is renowned for his ability to convert pagans to Christianity. The legend states that he converted so many people in his community that the pagan temples had no one to give regular offerings to the gods.  This got the attention of the Roman Emperor Diocletian who had both Cyprian and Justina arrested and brought to Nicomedia.

Cyprian the Martyr
Cyprian and Justina Martyred

After much torture, and many refused opportunities to earn his freedom by honoring the Roman gods, both Cyprian and Justina were martyred together at Nicomedia in the year 304. Some accounts claim that they were boiled alive in tar, while others hold that they were beheaded, and their bodies fed to dogs. By some accounts, there was an unsuccessful attempt to boil the pair alive, their combined faith and magical prowess rendering the execution powerless.  This caused much frustration and so they were beheaded.

A Semi-Inspired Interpretation of the Legend of Cyprian the Excellent


Since we are discussing a magical benefactor of such great importance to not only to the occult world, but to myself personally; I would like to share my personal retelling of the story of St. Cyprian. Pieces of this story and special highlights came to me in contemplation at the altar of Exu Meia Noite.  The rest of the story is the product of my imagination, intuition, and my interpretation of the various legends and myths of Saint Cyprian. This tale was woven to express specific noteworthy ideas within the Cyprian legends as well as bring to light some very rare Cyprian mythology that I was gifted with.

Though largely incomplete, it is my honor to offer this short story of love and mystery. Perhaps the Patron of Necromancers will gift you with the next chapter.

Cyprian has become an influence of significant importance and personal significance to my own work and my life in general.  He is Teacher, Tutor, and Tata in my work.

Excellent Cyprian, as always, I thank you again, and then once more. 

Obrigado Mago!
Obrigado Santo Pai!
Obrigado Poderoso Patrono!
Sorcerer Cyprian
A Magical Prodigy

Cypriano was born under the banner of the Roman Empire in Antioch Syria (not Pisidia which is approximately the area of the modern-day Turkish Lakes Region).

A psychic prodigy, he quickly gained the attention of his parents who were able to identify his gift and give him the proper educational foundation. Cyprian was consecrated to Apollo from a young age (tender talons) and received the initiation of the Python Slain. From there his magical career is a whirlwind of sorcerous initiations and magical experiences. The following list describes the highlights of his magical education. This list is a combination of all legends that I have been exposed to regarding his magical studies (brace yourself):

Apollo the Solar Diety
  • Baptized a servant of the Mysteries of Apollo
  • Mithraic Initiation (United by Handshake)
  • Bearer of the Torch of Demeter
  • Served the Sorrow of Kore in white robes (Ephepi robes while traditionally black, white was used later)
  • Initiate of the Mysteries of Athena (as the serpent Pallas) at the Acropolis
  • Received Daemonic Communion (the mysteries of echo) at Olympus
  • Received knowledge of psychedelic plants
  • Learned elemental weather sorcery
  • Learns spirit vision (Beholds the great multitudes of infernal spirits and natural spirits)
  • Receives Chaldean initiation (29 days of dietary restriction are the hallmark)
  • Age 15: Initiated into the magic of the Celestial Bodies
  • Learns the mysteries of the elements, magical herbs, and daemonic correspondences with the same
  • In Argos receives elemental mysteries as related through the secrets of Hera and Zeus (and Zeus Cthonios)
  • Receives the mysteries of Artemis in Elis
  • Learns divination from the Phrygians (vivisection and interpretation of animals)
  • Learns the voice of the dead
  • Learns blood magic 
  • Learns medicine, isopsephia
  • Receives the secrets of malediction, disease, and their spiritual  consequences
  • Gains access to unknown numinous knowledge
  • Learns of the written spell
  • Receives initiations in Egypt at Memphis related to the stellar gods
  • Learns astrology
  • Learns the Egyptian mysteries of Kekui(t) and of the Powers of Darkness
  • Receives the mysteries of earthquakes, storms, and torrents
  • Has vision of the Titans which Zeus has imprisoned under the Earth
  • Learns of the manner in which sorrow is seeded unto man
  • Receives the knowledge of the Dragon and the machinations of the Powers of Darkness
  • Learns the methods of using demonic offerings
  • Learns the methods of metamorphosis
  • Learns the wisdom of dualities, opposites, and reconciliation
  • Learns of the symbolic spiritual manifestations of human vice
  • Receives the mysteries of formal philosophy
  • Learns the Chaldean Oracles
  • Age 30: Is granted an audience with the Prince of Darkness who recognizes him as a great Magus and bestows upon him command of an army of Infernal Host
  • Is granted title and a position of rulership in the Undying Realm
  • Masters the wonderous occult potencies of shadow and night.
  • The Dark Lord teaches him the mysteries of eternity, permanence, and potency in all realms.
A Sorcerous Career
New Cyprian Altar

At age 30 after his court with The Devil, Cyprian returns home a favored son of Antioch. From here he embarks on a career in magic. Magic for hire, magic for entertainment, and most certainly magic for profit.

As is common with non-magical people, knowledge of an actual sorcerer in their midst brought them compulsively to Cyprian’s doorstep, eager to pay for magical solutions to their problems. The eventual result of this is easy to predict; everybody has commissioned so much magic against each other that a state of chaos ensued. Cyprian frequently resorted to bringing down famine, earthquakes, and other disasters to demonstrate his displeasure with wide-spread incivility. The people of Antioch learned quickly to behave themselves as much as would be possible.

Aglaidas the Persistent Suitor
Unique Cyprian Idol

At the height of Cyprian’s fame/notoriety a nobleman arrived at his door with a most dubious proposition. The nobleman Aglaidas had set his sights upon a local girl; Justina, however, she had refused his proposal. Justina claimed that she would not marry as she wished to preserve her virginity for christ jesus. This rather infuriated the young man, who, being of noble parentage, was quite used to getting whatever he wanted. Therefore, he turned to Cyprian for a magical solution to break her will and force her hand in marriage.  Cyprian had performed countless successful magical operations of just this sort, and accepted the job without so much as a second thought.

Damnable Love at First Sight

The following day Cyprian set out some of the familiar demons to retrieve a link to Justina that could be used for his magic (probably a lock of hair). When the demons returned empty-handed, he was confounded by their failure, Cyprian was enraged. He went to see what the problem was himself. Making his way through the town, guided by his demons, Cyprian found his way to the river. There were several young girls washing clothing and bedding in the fast-running water. This was common and nothing remarkable at all. Cyprian asked his familiars to point out Justina, who was at first obscured by another girl standing in front of his line of sight. As the obstacle to his view slowly moved out of the way, the vision he beheld stole his breath: Justina. Cyprian in all his travels all over the world never beheld such beauty. Surely this was a voluptuous archangel or perhaps the goddess Aphrodite herself, this was no mere mortal woman.

Stammering to make words, he asked his familiars to confirm her identity, which they did immediately. Cyprian also noticed that Justina’s beauty was such that some of his demons were dumbstruck, frozen in her beauty, just like himself.

Cyprian’s loins stirred as his heart swelled, and  in that moment, he knew love at first sight. Composing himself by looking away from Justina, Cyprian rushed home to consider what had just happened to him.

A Very Human Feeling
Human Cyprian

“Could this be?” Had some witch from a neighboring town exacted revenge for some long-forgotten, or totally unknown slight? No, and yet he was bewitched. Was this possible? Could Cyprian fall in love? The answer felt heavy in his heart, and immediately sank into the pit of his stomach like a leaden orb, for he knew the implications of this misfortune.

Cyprian walked among the people of Antioch as a divine being. The faith of the people was vitally important to his continued fortunes, as were the efficacy of his spells. He knew that he could never turn that effervescent creature of divine beauty into the love slave of that wretched brat! And for this there would certainly be consequences. Furthermore, for Cyprian the Great, the Magus-Philosopher, wielder of the might of the gods, to couple with a “simple” village girl; this could be quite a nasty scandal, and just the kind of political leverage his many enemies have been waiting for.

Reeling from the chain of disturbing thoughts, the silence of the moment shattered.  There was a pounding at his door and a loud obnoxious voice announcing himself: “Good Cyprian, are you in there? What has happened? It’s Aglaidas! What of my virgin Justina?”

Cyprian felt nauseous, cornered, and uncomfortably human at this moment. And then a monologue echoed in his mind drowning out the furious pounding at the door. “…my virgin Justina?” He felt the rage well up in his chest, spreading through his face like fire.  “Your virgin Justina?” “Your Justina?”

Cyprian’s thoughts turned dark. He was no stranger to the murderous arts, and for the first time in his life, he just may have a real reason to use them. He quickly snapped out of his trance and advanced toward the door.  He composed himself and opened it with a smile on his face.

“Aglaidas my boy! Come in.”

Is This Real?

Cyprian knew that he was in a serious situation. The boy Aglaidas would at minimum ruin his reputation if he did not deliver Justina. However, this was unthinkable now. On the other hand, if Cyprian were to attempt to make Justina his own, the boy would be enraged and would certainly bring the full force of his family’s wealth and power down on Cyprian.

After much reassurance that Justina would belong to him soon enough, Cyprian was able to send Aglaidas off and buy himself some time. But not very much.

That night Cyprian sat at his desk and considered many scenarios, as his demons whispered to the darkest parts of his soul. Forgetting about Justina was impossible, as was making good on his commitment to Aglaidas. Would Justina even have him? She was a devotee of the new god Christ Jesus. So much so that she has committed her virginity to her religion.

Before he could decide how to proceed, he would need more information. He was going to have to meet Justina face to face and carefully observe her reaction to him. Hoping to find even a glimmer of what he felt for her when he saw her earlier that day.

Star Crossed Lovers
Cyprian and Justina

At this point, the story can go in a variety of directions. I have yet to receive or intuit anything resembling a preferred legend, and I am once again left with conflicting yet established stories to help me fill in the details. I do have my suspicions, however, that the rest of the story could go like this:

Cyprian introduced himself to Justina, who indeed reciprocated his intense desire, but she was prevented by her faith from pursuing a life with Cyprian.

A period of attempted courtship takes place where a multitude of forces are contending in convoluted ways.

A couple of points of possibility:

  • Cyprian is trying to earn Justina’s hand.
  • Cyprian is keeping Aglaidas at bay by either pretending that his magic is ineffectual against Justina’s faith OR he is keeping him at bay while he tries to troubleshoot his actually failed magic.
  • Justina finally capitulates to Cyprian’s advances but only under the condition that Cyprian renounces his sorcerous ways and converts to Christianity.
  • Alternatively, Cyprian has a genuine conversion resulting from his failed magic.

From here Cyprian is going to have to at least give the impression that he has adopted Justina’s faith.  So, he goes all in and eventually receives ordination and then becomes bishop. Symbolically this has very interesting implications as Cyprian becomes the legend of the Magus who exists with his feet in the Infernal and his head in the Celestial only if there is some aspect of his conversion that is genuine. In which case he is a symbol of supreme and transcendent power. This legendary image represents man evolved by his own Will to become a Master of both the Powers of Darkness and the Powers of Light. 

It is also interesting to note that the clerical rank of bishop roughly correlates with the magical grade of Magister Templi/Magister.

The Magister is said to have pierced the veil of the causal world and is actively operating the underlying machinery.

It seems to me that Cyprian and Justina almost certainly carry on a love affair in secret (as Cyprian has now taken a vow of chastity to receive the cloth).

I believe that Aglaidas returned to his family’s estate where he rallied his family’s support in a campaign against both Cyprian and Justina. Eventually, he secured the support of the emperor Diocletian, who had Cyprian and Justina arrested and executed.

The Conversion

Did Cyprian convert to Christianity and give up not only his magical power but his exalted position in the Infernal hierarchy? I would tend to say no, but modern day Cyprianistas have conveyed explicit information from Cyprian that strongly indicates a Christian magical current as being tightly bound not only to his own work in the world but that of all other saints as well. I think it may well be that Cyprian was a man who learned to transcend arbitrary dualities and grab hold of the source of the true power that is beyond such human constructs.

And yet as I write these words I suspect that this isn’t entirely accurate either. 

My experience suggests that Cyprian functions as something of an intermediary between the Empyrean and Infernal Forces, however, he retains full initiatory rights and mastery over both. I believe further that this incredible potency is actually a consequence of standing perfectly in the nexus of these forces, and the tension caused by that juxtaposition. Maybe someday I will have better clarity to communicate. 

Leaf from Book of Cyprian
Some Spirit Speculation

Delving further into personal speculation: I have toyed with the idea that the manifestation of spirit is largely a function of the observer of the entity. In this concept the individual’s ideas about the entity build for it a constrained temporary “container” in which to manifest.

Further I think it’s entirely possible that this goes beyond just appearance and even dictates what the composite disposition, personality, and capabilities of the entity will look like within the denser causal layers of the Universe.

The observer builds the body, character, backstory, and efficacy as a unified “template” for manifestation, and then the (at least) partially resonant entity is “forced” to interact with the observer through this template. 

I’m operating under the idea that the actual “spiritual” universe(s) is so far removed from and even alien to the physical, that they are largely incapable of natively operating within one another in their natural state. Hence the need for these generated manifestation “templates” fueled by expectation, lore, testimony, and possibly a collective unconscious phenomenon.

Therefore, by calling SAINT Cyprian, certain conditions might come to bear that would otherwise be absent without the reference to the catholic high clergy. Like for example a mingling of Christian currents and other spiritual elements to provide the correct subtle-energetic raw materials to “build” a proper Saint.

Just Thoughts…

I like to think that Cyprian’s legendary meeting with the Devil was in fact an account of Cyprian finding man’s Great Benefactor and becoming his worthy ally in the workings of the cosmos alive.

Again, just thoughts.


The Patron Saint of Necromancers: From Brazil to the US

Ponto of St Cyprian

In this modern era like those of the past, San Cypriano is the patron Saint of Necromancers and Occultists. The cause of this exclusive and forbidden role is staggeringly simple, and makes perfect sense through the utilitarian lens of the magician (past and present): there were and are persisting rumors that San Cypriano continued his work and eventually left a spell book that contained all of his secrets. There are several books, or collections of books that claim to have been penned by San Cypriano. However, the evidence is dubious at best and none of these books have been traced and found to have originated from The Sorcerer Saint.

While some Cyprianic literary traditions come from places such as Norway the most well-known come from Spanish and/or Portuguese-speaking countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, and Spain. While maintaining his roots in Greco-Roman traditions, San Cypriano became the patron Saint of Brujas and Curanderas.

Beyond this, in Brazil, San Cypriano takes on the role of the preserver of ancestral traditions and memory. This function,  which is drawn from his abilities as a Psychopomp, can be seen in how he has become connected with a number of Quimbanda Exu’s such as Exu Meia Noite and others such as Exu Gerere, and Exu Capa Preta.

In the US and other English-speaking countries there has been an increase in interest and work with various traditions coming from places such as Mexico and Brazil. Each practitioner will have their own reasons for being interested in these traditions, however, with the increasing disconnection from ancestral traditions, San Cypriano makes for a compelling figure to work with to rediscover lost traditions from our collective past.

I would venture to say that Cyprian IS in fact the conduit that can connect the modern Western practitioner with the full force of their ancestral line and its associated teachings, wisdom, and secrets.

Jake Stratton Kent has made tremendous headway in rediscovering/uncovering and restoring the truly Western spiritual tradition, veins of this noble pursuit can be found in most of his works, all of which come highly recommended. The Geosophia volumes however are actual treasures in this area of occult pursuit.

The Modern American Workings of San Cypriano

Interest in San Cypriano was given a boost in 2011 with the publication of the book Saint Cyprian: Saint of Necromancers by ConjureMan Ali and then again two years later in 2013 with the publication of St. Cyprian & The Sorcerous Transmutation by Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold. These books, while short, began to give the English-speaking world a look at new traditions and information that had previously been locked behind a cultural and language barrier.

While many can benefit from working with San Cypriano in many ways there are some things that you should be aware of. San Cypriano is very much a Saint of those who walk the boundaries between traditions and “tends to draw those people who straddle the boundaries between the infernal arts and the celestial.” As ConjureMan Ali puts it.

There are many things that San Cypriano can do to help you in your work. One of the most common is to help you develop a stronger connection with the traditions of your ancestors, as stated above. At his Blog ConjureMan Ali outlines a ritual to help accomplish this.

Another area that San Cypriano can assist with is the ability to scry and contact spirits. In another post on his Blog, Conjure Man Ali details how you can ask for San Cypriano’s help in scrying .   

Finally, another point that San Cypriano can assist with is the removal of curses or other obstacles in the way of you or your work. The method for doing this is outlined again by ConjureMan Ali on his Blog here.

Beyond these specific ideas, there are many other things that San Cypriano can assist with, such as helping with your magical work in general. Cyprian is a master of the magical arts and can gift the sincere seeker with tremendous inspiration, and ability.

Renowned Sorcerer and Cyprianista, Jason Miller (The Sorcerer’s Secrets, Financial Sorcery, and other great works), offers us a beautiful and legendary prayer to San Cypriano (The Sorcerer’s Prayer to St. Cyprian), and tremendous insight for the modern devotee. Check out St. Cyprian on his website Strategic Sorcery

Teacher, Tutor, and Tata
Cyprian Patron

On August 22 of 2021, I completed an operation to install Saint Cyprian as my Patron. This is a lengthy process (With preparations and the ritual work itself taking about 2 months to complete). However, if approached with great sincerity and the momentum of many magical interactions with Cyprian, it can yield a spectacular array of spiritual experiences, numinous deep-dives, and magical wisdom.

In fact, I would list this deeply personal initiation as one of the most significant of my 30+ year magical career. 

A Word of Warning: Prepare thyself magician, as great upheaval dwells in the offing.

In my own particular experience, the 9 days of the ritual proper held experiences, abrupt life changes, and dramatic transformations of both friend and foe that are among the most disruptive I have ever experienced. This ritual is appropriate if you are ready for a serious realignment of your life to support your initiatory progress. Nine days following the completion of the rite, I was flush with additional resources, had a beautiful new home that afforded me the space to pursue my more complex experiments, but I was also alone. The very abrupt end to a long time love affair and engagement that was deeply important to me but was slowly becoming an obstacle to certain aspects of my magical work. 

If you are not a dedicated practitioner of these arts with clear initiatory goals, maybe leave this operation alone.

The details for this operation can be found in Exu and the Quimbanda of Night and Fire by Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold.

Frisvold is in many ways the primary conduit through which the wisdom and knowledge of the Brazilian religio-magical traditions find their way to the English-speaking Western world. We are forever grateful for his work, and ask the mighty legions of night and fire to bless him and keep him.

Saint Cyprian, Patron of the Black Magician

Hopefully you have found this brief introduction to San Cypriano useful as an introduction to his legend and his work. Cyprian is very much a Saint from the European, Old-World traditions, and yet finds himself right at home with the magical neo-traditions that are coming into being around the world.

Cyprian transcends culture, language, custom, and climate. He forges powerful bonds to the magical momentum of our blood line, entrusting us with the dignity of our ancestry, and empowering us to transform ourselves,  our communities, and our world. 

Salve Holy Cyprian! I have prepared this scroll in your honor.

A Simple Altar of St. Cyprian

Simple offerings of water and rum are present

Preparing Cyprian Oil

Getting ready to produce the ashes required for the oil.

Corner Shrine

A corner shrine to Cyprian and Exu Meia Noite.

Manifestation of St. Cyprian

In the lower left the beginning of the manifestation of Saint Cyprian appears on film as a purple cloud.


Sorcerous Intrusions

The most excellent and potent sorceries manifest in the world of horrors like a death-dealing lightning bolt out of a clear blue sky. A violent intrusion upon the reliability of the natural world (if even for the briefest of moments), that collapses the expectations of a harmonious and predictable world in all who witness.  

Exu Meia Noite

Digital Grimoire: