Vampirism: at the Bleeding-Edge

Secret Vampirism Techniques
Delicious Vampire Secrets revealed by Master Linguavenom. Including the zealously guarded methods of astral zombification, proxy feeding, and more.

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Vampirism & The Occult

Vampirism, as a magical practice is kind of ubiquitous. Maybe even a dead horse. This is a funny thing to say. In my early days (1994ish), it was a very different landscape. In those days vampirism was largely unknown except as either a mental illness or a goth blood fetish. The reality of the living Vampire had yet to enter the consciousness of the mainstream occult community (or any occult community for that matter).

Things change. Black magicians tend to be an adventurous lot and so it was only a matter of time.

Now I find that cursory information has been appropriated for a great many written works on black magic. Many would-be spiritual predators have re-tooled the mechanics of vampirism to fit into all manner of black magic neo-traditions. I’ve seen some really great work, and I think that’s very cool. I’ve also seen allot of fucking garbage information out there by posers and other fakes; and that’s a shame. It’s a mixed bag.

The Psychic Vampire

This is a term that one is certain to encounter at some point, and one that is worthy of clarification. 

In Left-Hand Path thought there are two definitions of Psychic Vampire.

The term first, coined by Anton LaVey in The Satanic Bible; refers to a parasitic individual that thrives by draining ones time, emotions, money, and patience. A social parasite. Big Drama Folks that always find themselves right in the middle of the shit that they have instigated.

The second refers to a human who absorbs ambient life energies (blood-essence, lifeforce) from other humans. This can be consciously enacted or not, and most frequently the latter is the case.

There are some vampire traditions that use the term psychic vampire, however as vampirism is in fact an energetic practice, that does not involve blood, this seems quite unnecessary to me. Even seems kind of pandering to a delusional subset of blood fetishists.

Sorcerous Intrusions (& Daemonic Excellence) on Vampirism

My coverage of vampirism is going to be a bit different from the “mainstream” stuff. Drawn directly from my personal grimoires. Records of my successes, failures, thoughts, and discoveries as I navigated the process of Vampiric Awakening and Ascent within the formal structure of an initiatory body of Living Vampires.

Seal of The Order of Unas - Vampire Tradition

It is important to understand that there exists authentic post-human initiatory traditions that support the development of the living vampire. By authentic I mean they represent an unbroken lineage to the ruling class of vampire gods. It goes without saying that the teachings and practices go well beyond how to absorb ambient life energies.

Since this is my first vampirism entry on S.I.D.E. I wanted to go big with some of the more exotic techniques that I have been exposed to in my work with predatory spirituality. This entry is actually a combination of grimoire entries from various points in time.

The Vampiric Act

The mechanics of vampirism are covered at length in many resources, so I won’t go into that here. Virtually all vampirism discussed in the LHP world is centered around 5 “types” of feeding. There are various trappings and symbolism that are used to dress up these methods, but they are all essentially one of the following.

  • Contact – Drawing of blood essence while physically connected to the victim.
  • Sight – Drawing blood essence from someone in the line of sight. Usually through the use of an artificial “astral appendage” or feeding tether.
  • Sympathy – Drawing blood essence by connecting with an object that is connected to the victim. Anything from hair to an article of clothing.
  • Ritual – The examples of this I have seen are mostly just sympathy feeding dressed up in ritual. There is one example that I found which uses ritualized bi-locationality to travel to and feed from prey.
  • O.B.E. – Feeding while free from the physical body and therefore unrestricted in range.
Different Approaches

There also appears to be significant differences in the internal processes and methods used by the human black magician who is practicing vampirism vs. The methods used by the Living Vampire from an formal tradition. This has been my experience. That is not to say that the popular methods are somehow less valid, on the contrary I have seen them used with great success by the skilled human psychic vampire.

For example feeding by sight. In the popular method, the magician consciously extends a feeding appendage from their astral body which penetrates the astral of their prey. Whereas the method I was taught involves the temporary elimination of the perception of space, thus bridging the “gap” (The illusory distance that we generate, but that’s a rabbit hole for another time).

Nosferatu: The Vampyre - 1922 Silent German Expressionist Horror Film and Cult Classic

Secret Techniques of Advanced Vampirism

It will be immediately apparent that some (most) of these techniques are wildly inappropriate for day to day feeding. Furthermore the use of these techniques in such a careless and destructive manner will earn you the kind of attention you don’t want. In particular it would be certainly frowned upon by the Vampire Gods that pay attention to this stuff. No, these techniques would fall more into the curse category. So please keep that in mind.

Some of the techniques I will discuss are possibly covered elsewhere (in particular sigil feeding has been covered publicly), in which case I hope to offer a fresh stab at the technique. Other methods I will be covering here are significantly advanced techniques of vampirism that until now have been restricted to the Order in which I was initiated and trained (as far as I know). My hope is to demonstrate the wide creativity and innovation that has been applied by vampires throughout history as they evolved these techniques.

I will not be giving a step-by-step how-to guide. Details for the performance of these techniques are being restricted for a later piece. The dilligent Adept however should find themselves unhindered in learning some of these techniques.

I will be discussing the following methods of vampirism:

  • Sigil Vampirism
  • Fetish Vampirism
  • Vampirism by Time Travel
  • Proxy Vampirism
  • Feeding by Capture Network
  • Demonic Vampirism
  • Astral Zombification
Sigil Vampirism
vampire - sigil
Vampire Sigil

A deceptively simple technique for “background” feeding. That is, autopilot feeding. Once your sigil manifests, it begins the transfer of blood essence which continues until it is stopped by conscious magical effort by the Vampire.

Success and degree of success are dependent on multiple factors including:

The strength of the life field of the prey. There are very specific emanations of the psyche that are relevant here. In my opinion those are:

  • The body emanation: The energetic field that operates closest to the physical body, in the ancient Egyptian soul model that I prefer, this would be the KHAT.
  • The shadow emanation: The highly mobile and environment-interactive emanation that connects to the forces of the natural world as well as various features of “time”. the KHAIBIT.
  • The magical double: The astral double that is a composite reflection of all psyche emanations. The soul-part that patterns itself on the appearance of the physical body. The KA.

Also the quality of the original sigilized statement of will is a factor. It has been my experience that your statement of will should be present tense. For example: “I am always feeding on the blood essence of ________.”

The effects of this technique can be hard to watch and hard to stop. Be Certain. I’m sure you understand.

Fetish Vampirism

This is an interesting (read: terrifying) technique that was taught to me by a young vampire who claimed he learned it as part of his family Palo tradition.

This involves the creation of an effigy similar in form to a “voodoo doll” (to use an extremely vulgar colloquialism). It’s function however is very different. The fetish is used as a housing for an ever increasing measure of the soul of the victim.

This is not a technique of sympathetic vampirism, as in fact the progression of the fetish results in a kind of bi-locationality of the prey, in which thier conscious awareness is literally transported to a custom construct (like a dream), symbolized by the fetish. Eventually, it becomes possible to keep the prey in a way by replacing their normal dreams with experiences within the construct. It was said that upon physical death, the prey could be fully united with the construct indefinitely.

As I have not personally used this method, I cannot testify as to the veracity of these claims. I did however have the opportunity to handle one such fetish and indeed I was able to feed as if in physical contact with the prey.
Scary stuff.

Vampirism by Time Travel
Time Travel Vampirism

By traversing shadow time (see Chaos Magic Theory by Peter Carroll), one can be re-united with past instances of intimate contact. The effect is reactivation of the astral links between the vampire and prey, allowing feeding as if in the physical presence of one’s prey in the present.

The actual technique is again, deceptively simple and requires only a specific altered state of consciousness, clear memory, freedom from the illusion of time, and freedom from the physical shell.

Proxy Vampirism

You ever meet someone who is just surrounded by people that adore them? Often in some kind of position of minor power, like a mayor of a small town, or even the head of a large family. The key here is the quality of the veneration by the adoring group. In a case where the person in question is literally worshipped by her/his followers; a special type of feeding becomes possible.

When feeding from such a person, directing the attention to their heart center and their base center will provide access to the entire flock of fans. All that is required is for the vampire to reach deeper into the prey, and there the others will be found.

Feeding by Capture Network

Expertise in the work of thoughtforms and servitors will facilitate success with this method.

The idea is to setup a network of interconnected feeding constructs that form a web over a geographical area. The thoughtforms are programmed to feed from anyone that meets specific criterion such as health, youth, intelligence, etc. When such a person enters the network, the thoughtforms in proximity go to work, drawing blood essence and funneling the energy to a containment object that is suitable for storing blood essence.

I would recommend that the thoughtforms be connected with a unifying sigil or “brand”. I would also recommend the construction of a special storage object made from inverse-action orgonite or similar.

Demonic Vampirism
Vampire Demon

Simple enough and mostly used by human magicians that practice vampirism. One can make a pact with an appropriate entity to facilitate vampiric actions that are currently beyond ones present ability. Such as the ability to draw from heavily fortified prey, or the ability to achieve astral flight and feed from within this state of freedom.
This can be an augmentation or a crutch depending on how it is applied.

Astral Zombification
Astral Zombie

Warning: Don’t fuck with this. It’s offered as a curiosity only.

This is pretty malicious stuff and falls under the baneful vampirism banner and probably the spiritual mass destruction banner as well. However the method can be used to stimulate a significant evolution in the vampire. The technique is called astral zombification due to the effect it has on the prey as well as the potential for virality.
The vampire first selects a population classification that is fundamentally detrimental to life, happiness, and health. For example people that sexually abuse children.
It works like this.

Step 1

Before any work is commenced a “killswitch” of sorts is created that can de-energize and collapse the entire system.
Through precise, surgical interactions with the energy body of the initial victim over a period of time, the vampire can “reprogram” the astral/blood essence generating structures of the prey and cause them to generate generate blood essence for the vampire. Using various vibrational manipulation techniques, their own astral body can be made to produce blood essence that is compatible only with the vampire, such that their own body rejects it.

Step 2

The newly appropriated blood essence is routed through an intermediary and then to the vampire. I would imagine that a dedicated site would be most helpful, such as an additional energy center or chakra.
The prey is kept artificially energized by an intelligent/semi-intelligent agent that feeds from a very low quality/”heavy”/emotionally compromised source(s) and passes this on to the prey.

Step 3

As the weakened state takes hold and consciousness becomes diffuse (from the combination of repurposed blood essence and the patterns inherent in the new energy source), a variety of opportunities present themselves.
The fundamental “machinery” that absorbs, refines, generates blood essence in humans can be re-purposed to generate highly refined essence infused with any quality one desires. Generally access to or even awareness of this essential machinery of life is concealed from all, but not in this compromised state.
It is my theory that this structure can be used to generate consciousness itself.

Successful execution results in the vampire having essentially an additional body to produce blood essence for her/him.

Step 4

The prey is infected with virality instructions to pass on “the sickness” to anyone weak enough to accept the zombification. The prey’s life field is instructed to use psychic vampirism to satisfy their own energetic needs, and then the intermediary energy source is removed.

The result is an ever increasing number of astral zombies, feeding the vampire directly with the most pure, from source, blood essence. The zombies remain in a fugue state and inadvertently pass on the process to others who follow the same course.

Over time it’s possible to amass hundreds of astral zombies. Flooding the vampire in blood essence at a scale that can allegedly result in spontaneous deification and, as I’m told, far far stranger scenarios as well.

As for the prey, they pretty much drop like flies (which is why it’s difficult to get numbers up too high), drug overdoses, violent crimes, etc. seem to befall these unfortunates. If happenstance doesn’t take them, collapse eventually will.

Pentagram 9A Flower

Closing Thoughts

There you have some of the stranger and darker works of vampirism. I hope you have enjoyed this peek into the fascinating world of spiritual predation.

Clearly the methods offered are not for the neophyte (or anyone in some cases). If you are a black magician that is interested in practicing vampirism for the various benefits it offers, there is a great deal of introductory material available.

As always, I bid you the greatest blessings.



Sorcerous Intrusions

The most excellent and potent sorceries manifest in the world of horrors like a death-dealing lightning bolt out of a clear blue sky. A violent intrusion upon the reliability of the natural world (if even for the briefest of moments), that collapses the expectations of a harmonious and predictable world in all who witness.  

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