The Ring of Lucifer: A Consecration with Infernal Divinity


The Ring of Lucifer

I became aware of the availability of this exceptional piece of jewelry from probably a month ago. When I saw that the head of the ring was the ring of Lucifer from the Grimoirium Verum; I placed my order. 


When I received my package I was not disappointed. The weight is striking on the hand. It feels heavy and “real”.  The presentation of the ring itself is well detailed and finely polished. I decided immediately to turn the ring into a proper magical tool.

Form and Function

I gave a good bit of thought as to the purpose that the ring could serve magically. I know some magicians that have swapped out their wand for a ring (I first heard this idea from Peter J. Carroll, I think in Liber Null. Shout out to The Great Sorcerer-Scientist and Arch-Magus of Chaos.)

I personally do not use a wand, ever. And while my formal ritual work is infrequent these days (I tend to perform magic directly from within the subjective universe), my primary physical magical weapon is my Tcham Scepter, with my ritual dagger a close second. 

I could however see myself using a ring. A truly magical artifact of such exceptional magical constitution that the wearer would experience a flood of directed numinous essence. That sounds cool. Let’s do that. 

During my daily trance work, I started exploring the qualities that I associate with Lucifer, and I produced a list.

  • Intellectual Illumination
  • Rebellion Against Oppression
  • Magical Enlightenment
  • Emotional Evolution
  • Intelligence
  • Focus
  • Unbreakable Will

Those sound handy; let’s fucking do this.

The Grimoirium Verum

The Grimoirium Verum (True Grimoire) is a text that belongs to the so-called Grimoire Tradition that has inspired much of the Western Mystery Tradition. Other notable titles include the Grand Grimoire, The Black Pullet and the various named Solomonic texts.

The GV is noteworthy on a couple of points. First for publishing some very interesting sigils for contacting Lucifer, Beelzebub and Astaroth (as well as many other demonic forces). This sigils have stuck over time and include the (now) prolific seal of Lucifer depicted below.

The next point of interest is that the GV presents a magical system of demonic evocation that has a feel that is different from other medieval grimoires. Almost as if the author had an approach to magic that was decidedly LHP. Of course the entire work had to be wrapped in a palatable judeo-christian framework, as did all of the traditional grimoires, so in that regard it is presented as would be expected; dressed up in christian mysticism. It’s been my experience however, that if you take the time to pluck the gems from the coal, a uniquely LHP picture emerges.

Lastly the GV was my first manual of demonic evocation. I first experimented with the evocations of Lucifer, Beelzebub, Astaroth, Clauneck, and I believe Frimost during my 13th year. On my 14th birthday I performed a pretty sophisticated evocation ritual (considering I was a child) with two assistants, and for the first time witnessed a dramatic manifestation spirit. Complete with poltergeist activity and direct disembodied speech so loud that it vibrated the walls. It was spectacular. I was hooked.

So this ring is very nostalgic for me, calling forth feelings of mystery, and memories of my first tastes of magical power. Needless to say it is very near and dear to my heart. 

I digress…

Seal of Lucifer

The Ritual

I decided that Halloween would be a suitably auspicious date for a grand ritual in Lucifer’s honor. So I then penned the following ritual outline.

Consecration of the Ring of Lucifer

A Greater Black Magic ritual of Alchemical Transmutation with the assistance of His Infernal Excellency; The Bearer of Light.

Star of 9


Prepare the working space as per usual; candles, incense, chalice, elixir, medallion, and magical weapons. Make sure that the central light source/candle which represents the Black Flame is ready to go.

Prepare a large Seal of Lucifer and center on the altar, on top of the 4 bricks of Set-Typhon.

Polish the ring and place the upon the seal of Lucifer

Adjust the skrying mirror.

Ready the skrying chair to be accessible .

Light general candles.

Stand before the pentagram and relax into breathing.

(at this point I was feeling distracted so I spent about 15 minutes with some brainwave entrainment audio-visual)

Banish Personal Space (NOT, the temple!)

Consider Statement of Intent and then proceed when ready:

It is My Will to make divine and infuse with the irresistible qualities of Lucifer; a Ring of Possession. Such that the bearer will manifest those qualities upon contact.

The Rite

Intone the Bell

18 times (Note the change in atmosphere.).

Become aware of the ritual space. It’s feel and presence.
Mentally acknowledge that the temple is at the center of the Universe, and then proceed.


Take up the Scepter.

Consider the meaning of the Tcham and the magical authority it represents.

Tcham Scepter

Open the Temple

Light Incense and cense the ritual chamber. Return facing the pentagram.

“I open this temple in the grade of Master (or whatever if you work with an initiatory organization). De Apibus Ulva: ___Your Initiatory Name if you have one___”

The Nexus of Forces

The Shroud of Shadow

Stand focusing on the pentagram above the altar. 
Observe the Chthonic Powers of Darkness rising from the ground, into the feet, up the body and filling your entire form; forming a mass of dark purple/black energy that runs through the entire body.

Begin the mantra:

Observe the glow of the energy intensify within the entire body. Observe the dark energy continuing to rise from below the feet wrapping around the body. Encasing it in primordial power.
Control the breath and time the flow of energy through the body and aura with the breath.
Take a few moments to experience the electric quality of the energy permeating every cell. Feel the rich chthonic force flowing through you, imparting great potency.

The Stellar Attunement

Still facing the pentagram above the altar. 
Observe an infinite field of stars above. Observe a beam of stellar light travelling through the vastness of space and descending into the crown, down the central channel and just below the feet where it forms a sphere.

Begin the mantra:
SETHEUS (The secret place of Set, from the gnostic avatar/space that enacts creation)

Observe the stellar power filling the aura as the mantra continues. Time the exhalation with the vision of the stellar force descending from the crown sphere down the aura and into the feet sphere.
Repeat this process, having the energy rise up the left channel of the aura and descending the right channel.
Repeat this process, having the energy rise up the body by wrapping the aura as it ascends to the crown sphere.
Observe the stellar force that has filled your entire being. Feel the vibration of the SETHEUS force contained within.

Guardian Daemon

I really like the idea of wearing a tie and having the Evil Genius popping out of my head during Daemonic Communion.

Daemonic Communion

Light the Black Flame.

Shift focus to the space just above the crown. Observe a visible glowing light there. Recognize this as the personal Daemon/Evil Genius/Holy Guardian Angel.

Contemplate that this is the manifestation of the Daemonic Self/True Will.

Allow desire for contact to well up within. If your Daemon has previously revealed a name, vibrate that forcefully. Otherwise Proclaim:

Daemon! I Know You! We have shared body and divine essence for all time.

Become aware of the nexus of Cthonic and Stellar forces that have charged the body and aura.

Allow it to grow in strength and intensity as you focus.
When a powerful charge is built up, inhale deeply and hold your breath.  Focus strongly on the pressure of the charge in the body building to escape the crown.

Exhale forcefully while strongly sensing a burst of the nexus force shoot into the Daemonic manifestation above the crown where it is absorbed.

Address the Daemon:

Daemon, Reveal Yourself by Manifesting Our Will.

Relax and breathe. You may at this point become aware of a return flow of vital essence from the Daemonic into the crown and down the central channel, eventually filling the entire aura with the magical potency of your True Will. You can apply tactile imaging to cause a physical sensation that corresponds with feeling the force travel through the crown and down the central channel and across the surface of the entire body.

Note any communications or impressions as the force fills the body and aura.

Daemon! My Will is to unite with the striding god. I send forth my shadow to bring me knowledge of my future self. 

Observe the incredible power that permeates the entire being. Let it fade slowly from awareness as you turn your attention to the Prince of Darkness.

Invocation of the Prince of Darkness

Turn attention to and Observe the 7 Stars of the Big Dipper. See them as being above the temple, in the sky above the magician.



Feel the electricity of the chamber. Invoke the Dark Lord thusly:

Mighty Set, Mighty Sut-Hek, Mighty Set-Typhon; Great of Magic.

The Gateway of the 7 Stars is opened and Majesty of the First of Darkness is revealed to me as I walk this Obsidian Path, Vestis Nox. Exalted above the world of horrors.

I know thee Typhon, Set, Great of Darkness.


By the Secrets of 4, 5 and of 9 which smashes all barriers, I create this KA which makes My Will flesh.

The Power of My Black Flame Comes Now Into Being as a roaring inferno of Luciferian Might through this Art which is Mine to Command.

(Close eyes. Observe a vast desert of black sand, a sky of dark clouds. Turn your subjective perspective [say that 9 times fast… Just kidding. Don’t do that.] Observe a great platinum trapezohedron tilted slightly counter-clockwise such that it does not align with your plane of view. After a moment you realize that you are the one out of alignment with the plane of the desert and so, by force of Will, rotate and align yourself with the trapezohedron so that it appears right side up with no tilt. Open your eyes and continue.)

I call upon the Prince of Darkness! Cast The Eye of Set upon me. Enfold me with The Powers of Darkness. 

(Close your eyes and return to the desert scene with the trapezohedron. You observe a great eye forming in the storm clouds above the trapezohedron. It is the manifestation of the Dark Lord. You rise up into the clouds and through the Great Eye. All is Darkness. Open your eyes and continue.)


All of creation trembles at my Word.


Observe a great Power from the 7 Stars descend and explode within the chamber coalescing into your being.

The 7 Stars

Establishing Divine Magical Authority

Take up the Tcham Scepter (or the dagger if you do not have that weapon as of yet), it feels like a bolt of lightning in the hand. Observe how it glows with divine authority. Proclaim:

Mine is the Tcham and so Command all that my Eyes fall upon.

The Storms!

The Nightmares!

Every Spell That has passed from the Lips of The Gods!

I Command What Is To Be!

All the spirits above and below tremble before my Hand!

Hear Now This Doom Which I Pronounce!

Invoke Black Flame Pentagram

The Opening of the Way

Set the Tcham against the altar and move the skrying chair into position in front of the black mirror. Take up the dagger and be seated.

Gaze into the black mirror and sink into your seat.

Point the dagger at the mirror and slowly trace a large shimmering black invoking pentagram of Black Flame (pictured above), while chanting:


Observe the black mirror opening and becoming a portal into the unmanifest.

Daemonic Contact in Spirit Vision

Sink deep into the receptive state. Gaze into the seal of Lucifer. Conjure:

Lucifer, Ouyar, Chameron, Aliseon, Mandousin, Premy, Oriet, Naydrus, Esmony, Eparinesont, Estiot, Dumosson, Danochar, Casmiel, Hayras, Fabelleronthou, Sodirno, Peatham, Come, Lucifer, Amon.

Strike the Bell.
Repeat conjuration and bell 6 more times.  Slowly move your gaze up to the black mirror and enter the state of vision. Record your visions.

Set down the dagger and take up the Chalice/Graal.

Gaze into the portal of the Pentagram while conjuring:


Observe the Powers of Darkness distilling into the sacred elixir within the chalice. Feel it pulse with Infernal Might. Drain the chalice and feel the Powers of Darkness uniting with your Being, allowing you to act as a god in this world.


Take up the Ring of Lucifer.
Invoke the 18th Part of the Word:


O though mighty light and burning flame of comfort that brings the Majesty of Set to the Earth; in which the secrets of the principles of perfection reside; whose name is that of a stone ever sought, never found, save through the Gate of Darkness: Arise in your glory, behold the genius of your creation, and be prideful of being, for I am the same – I who am the Highest of Life.

Hold the ring aloft and request:

Lucifer, Lord of Enlightenment, Beautiful and Glorious Morning Star, I have called you to be with me at this time and place, seeking your essence. Asking that you distill the most noble qualities of Lucifer; Wisdom, Force, Enlightenment, Genius and Sovereignty into this talisman of power. That it be made divine and excellent through your grace and inimitable power for all time. That the wearer will embody these qualities instantly upon contact.

Observe the essence of Lucifer distilling into the ring making it perfect and divine. When you sense this is complete, set the ring upon the seal of Lucifer.


The Sending Forth

Stand and Face the Pentagram. Become aware of the tangible charge that has built up within the Chamber. Gaze into the Pentagram and Observe that it shimmers.

Observe now the Great Accumulated Force within the Chamber and Within the Self. It is charged with Will and Direction.


By All The Powers of Darkness, through This Art Which is Mine to Command: Distill your force into this Ring of Lucifer.

Observe the Accumulated Force within the Chamber and the Self Streaming Forth into the Ring. When the Sending is complete, observe a shimmering obsidian shield take shape over the ring, binding the powers within the ring forever.

The Closing

Observe the 7 Stars. Declare:

Oh Akh of the 7 Stars, The First of Darkness, Model of What I Shall Become. Thank You for Your Presence and for Reminding Me that I May Act As A God While Still Alive.

Extinguish Candles. Set the temple aright. Leave the chamber and do not return for at least 9 hours. Do not think on the working until after that time and when the time has elapsed, record the working in the grimoire. Store the ring as a magical weapon.


Sorcerous Intrusions

The most excellent and potent sorceries manifest in the world of horrors like a death-dealing lightning bolt out of a clear blue sky. A violent intrusion upon the reliability of the natural world (if even for the briefest of moments), that collapses the expectations of a harmonious and predictable world in all who witness.  

Exu Meia Noite

Digital Grimoire: