Stuex: The Cash Grabber

Stuex Header

The Situation

Stuex was created during a time of general comfort as an exercise in expansion. It had come to my attention that my personal ability to seize opportunity was limited and consequently many opportunities to bring in more cash were slipping through the cracks. Stuex was created to help me get my hands on more opportunities.

The Spirit Creator

I used the Spirit Creator spreadsheet to design Stuex. You can check that out here

Form and Function

I had a vision for the appearance of Stuex before I even knew his name.  So I kind of shoehorned that into the design and used some loose correspondences to justify it. Now, it goes without saying that I can just do whatever the fuck I want and if I want a spirit to look like gonorrhea that’s my prerogative, but in the spirit of the Spirit Creator I was trying to be methodical and professional (like the Kabbala geeks do).  This is my very primitive sketch of Stuex generated during the design process.

STUEX web ready

Clearly there is nothing in his appearance to suggest Cash Grabber, but that hardly concerns us. Furthermore I have come to love his fishy face. 


Stuex essential functions are:

  • Bring a constant influx of cash while active.
  • Present me with new opportunities to bring in cash while active.

I developed the following statement of intent:

“Always Bringing Cash, Opportunity Earning Cash”

I used “bringing” instead of “brings” because in this sentence structure it implies something that is already happening and constantly at that. 

His name is the result of taking his statement of intent, translating the acronym (ABC,OEC) into numbers using Pythagorean numerology (123653), deleting the repeated number, and finally converting the numbers back to letters. Leaving us with STUXE or STUEX.

Multiple analysis and arrangements are performed on the statements of intent; using anagrams to generate statements for the conjurations and mantra, etc.

If you are familiar with Spirit Creator, you will understand.

My general philosophy is to immerse myself in all manner of sigilization, symbolism, creation stories, barbarous conjurations, correspondences, etc. prior to the actual creation ritual. I get far better results this way.



I used the Transubstantiator to manifest STUEX. In the glass chamber, I witnessed the precise moment that he came into being. A rich aethero-plasmic discharge precipitated within the smoke of the capsule and fell to the base. From there it demonstrated a variety of colors, mostly pearlescent, before manifesting a sort of amorphous pulsing blob shape, and finally taking on nebulous amorphous form before being chambered and “shot” into the physical housing that was prepared.

Stuex House
Stuex House in Radionics Box

To this day Stuex serves as a primary house spirit and has developed quite a personality, an affinity for small dogs, and even a sense of humor in a way. 

Transubstantiator v2.2

Sorcerous Intrusions

The most excellent and potent sorceries manifest in the world of horrors like a death-dealing lightning bolt out of a clear blue sky. A violent intrusion upon the reliability of the natural world (if even for the briefest of moments), that collapses the expectations of a harmonious and predictable world in all who witness.  

Exu Meia Noite

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