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Welcome to Church!

From this pulpit, the light of the Morningstar is shouted from floor to ceiling and all the way to the pews in the rear and beyond 

(with all the fervor of a snake wielding holy roller!).


Welcome to the catchall for my internal experience. Beware! High-Weirdness Ahead! That being said I would like to set expectations to help ease any concerns and motivate you to explore this space. So let’s take a magical oath:

  1. I swear to be offensive. And not just offensive, wildly offensive. My conscious experience is punctuated by highly offensive internal commentary. It’s time to unload. 
  2. I swear to use an unnecessary amount of profanity. I talk like a sailor who moonlights as a crime boss. you will adjust. 
  3. I swear to be judgemental, hyper-critical, and frequently mean-spirited just for its own sake. This is after all my world, and you are just living in it. 
  4. I swear to be honest.

So It Is Done.

An Infernal Mission


The FellFirst Confessional isn’t just any run-of-the-mill black sorcerous blog. In fact it carries a mandate from the highest (lowest) authority; Old Scratch himself was responsible for its coming into being.

As I understand it, Lucifer has been watching the human world with the greatest possible interest over the last 5 years and frankly, he’s pissed.

I couldn’t make out all the words as he was ranting and raving at praeternatural volume (while stomping hoofprints into my bamboo flooring I might add), but it was something to do with “mortal news-media” being crowned the new Father of Lies.  As you can imagine he’s rather bent over the whole sordid affair, and so he tasked The Order of Sorcerous Intrusions to begin the counter-offensive. 

Our task is to shock, horrify, and cause public “safe spaces” to operate at maximum occupancy at all times by telling the truth. 

His hope is that after spending years awash in unmitigated deception, the human world will be shocked to its senses when confronted with the truly terrifying. When confronted with the truth.

In exchange for talking about objective reality, I also get to use this blog as my intellectual dumping ground. Littered with pearls of wisdom and shockingly taboo opinions in equal measure.

Welcome to Thunderdome.


Dedicated to He Who Is Ancient Among the Ancients, To He of Sedge and Bee, and to my beloved apprentice; The Wyrm.